This Artist Draws Disney Princesses As Moms And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

By Paula Gallagher
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Artist Draws Disney Princesses As Moms And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever
Oksana Pashchenko

Russia-based artist Oksana Pashchenko combines her talent and her love of Disney to imagine what Disney princesses would look like as moms, and it’s super cute!

Pashchenko was inspired by her own pregnancy to draw the Disney princesses as pregnant moms and undertook the fun project during her maternity leave. 

“Why not make these as a continuation of the happy ending to the fairy tale?'" she said.

She also draws what she imagines each princess’s child would look like, basing the facial features on other children in Disney cartoons.

"It is just my fantasy of what I think they would look like," she said.

These drawings take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to complete.

"I love them all — the quivering and boundless love of each heroine for her child is visible," she said. "I like to draw the theme of children, love, motherhood, and so on because I am now going through these stages in my life.”

Keep scrolling to see all the beautiful pregnant princesses and their adorable children! Look for the cute details in the baby clothes!

The Princess and the Frog

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast




Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

Closing Thoughts

If you want an adorable Disney princess portrait custom-made for you and your family, Pashchenko takes orders! 

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