These Are The Best Eye Shadows For Every Eye Color

Choosing the right eye shadows can be a tricky business. When we buy an eye shadow palette, we tend to gravitate toward the shades we like without considering whether they will complement our eye color.

By Simone Sydel4 min read

Have you ever ended up with a final makeup look that seems off? As if, despite your best efforts, something is missing? We then blame the formula and give up on the eye shadow palette altogether. But before you do that, let us help you figure out where it might have gone wrong.

It all starts with understanding how certain eye shadows look with our eye color. Since each of us has a unique eye color, certain hues that work on someone with brown eyes may not look good on people with hazel or blue eyes. This is why you should look for an eye shadow shade that complements your eye color and makes your eyes sparkle rather than look dull and washed out.

We created this thorough guide of eye shadow shades for each eye color so that you can better understand which hues to go for the next time you're choosing your eye shadow palette.

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Best Eye Shadows for Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye color, so it's no surprise that finding the perfect eye shadow for brown eyes is a breeze. Whether your brown eyes are deep and dark or light and golden, there's an eye shadow color to bring out their beauty.

Here are some of the best eye shadows for brown eyes:

On the other hand, if you have brown eyes, stay away from white, silver, and black eye shadows, as they can make your eyes look washed out and flat.

Best Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are bright, captivating, and mysterious, making them an excellent canvas for most eye shadows.

However, here are a few that will really make your blue eyes pop:

On the other hand, avoid using opaque yellows and greens on blue eyes.

Best Eye Shadows for Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are a combination of blue and green, and they often have prominent gold specks, so finding the right eye shadow will pretty much depend on which color you want to accentuate most.

Here are some excellent options for this ultrarare eye color:

If you have gray eyes, stay away from very warm shades like gold, orange, copper, and red.

Best Eye Shadows for Green Eyes

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors out there, and they typically do well with rosy, purple, and warm shades.

Here are a few eye shadow options that will make your already striking green eyes look even more mesmerizing:

Avoid shades like blue, orange, yellow, red, and silver.

Best Eye Shadows for Hazel Eyes

A combination of brown and green, hazel eyes are the perfect middle ground between the two shades and can pull off a wide variety of eye shadows.

Here are some stunning shades that will accentuate your hazel eyes and make them stand out:

Avoid using blue and silver eyeshadows.

Closing Thoughts

Finding the perfect eye shadow shade can be challenging, but with some practice and knowing which color group to gravitate toward, you will quickly figure out which colors make your eyes sparkle!

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