The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide Every Future Bride Needs

By Sarati
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The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide Every Future Bride Needs

It's the trip you've dreamed of your whole life. There's so much to do, so much to see, and so much to look forward to (*wink wink*).

So we compiled this ultimate honeymoon to-do list to ensure you don't miss out on any awesomeness during your love-filled getaway.

Pick an All-Inclusive, Adults-Only Resort

Adults only

Your honeymoon should be an escape, and if you're worried about your won't be fully present to enjoy time with your new spouse. All-inclusive nixes the "where do you want to eat" issue that many couples have. It's also great because you prepay and never have to look at the price on a menu. The "Adults Only" part...well kids are wonderful, just not on your honeymoon.

Write Out Your Fantasies

write out fantasies

Write flirty little notes on the plane ride to your honeymoon destination and give them to your hubby. Communication is essential, and why not be excited and anticipate what's coming rather than hoping he fulfills those fantasies you have? Creativity may not be his strength, and men can't read minds. So give him a little help. You'll enjoy it, too!

Pack Secretly So Your Outfits (or Lack of Outfits) Will Be a Surprise

Pack secretly

Let everything be a surprise on your honeymoon. The lingerie, bikinis, dresses, and whatever else you plan on bringing should stun your hubby. Go all out and have lots of fun!!

Admire the Beauty of Nature


You just got married! This is a beautiful blessing and being in nature with your can't beat it. Stargaze together and feel how small you are in this world. Watch the sunset and hold each other knowing you will get to experience sunsets together forever. Appreciate the beauty of where you are because time goes way too fast, and you want your honeymoon to move as slowly as possible.

Plan Surprises for Each Other

This doesn't have to be something huge, but if you know he likes horseback riding...surprise him with horseback riding along the beach. Bring an erasable marker and write sweet messages on the mirror reminding him how thankful you are to be his wife. Bring his favorite candy and give it to him when he wakes up. Do small thoughtful things to make sure your honeymoon is pure bliss.

Don't Get Wasted


Know your limits, and make sure he knows his! Drinking too much will dull your senses, and it's not very sexy to be throwing up in the hotel suite or starting the next morning with a pounding hangover. Drink, but in moderation. It will definitely loosen you both up and help you get in a bold and romantic mood.

Bring a New Lingerie Set for Each Night


You can do themes or simply different colors with your lingerie. Every day will be a different surprise. Tell your girlfriends what you want and let them do the work for you by bringing Victoria Secret goody bags to your bachelorette party. You want all of your intimate moments to be special. Lingerie, candles, and music are great ways to spice up the romance. Don't forget to leave your room every once in a while and explore the city you're in though.

Get a Couple's Massage

couple's massage

This needs little to no explanation, but a spa day together will surely bring you closer as a couple. Your honeymoon should be about relaxation, laughter, adventure, and romance. Getting a massage definitely checks off the relaxation part.

Plan for Your Period

Plan for period

Be sure to pack the essentials just in case. If you're going to a remote island, then you might have issues finding your conventional feminine products, so come prepared.

Put Everything Else on Hold

Put everything on hold

Stress is the last thing you want on one of the best vacations of your life. You will remember your honeymoon forever and being overwhelmed is not how you want to remember it. If you're really organized, try to let go of the reigns a little bit. It's okay to sleep in, eat whatever you want, and just let go.

Try New Foods Together

New Foods

Go outside of your tastebuds' comfort zone and expand your horizons. You do the same things in your everyday life, so do something that's new. Try new food, go wine tasting, or go to a cooking class - the options are endless.

Go Dancing

Do physical activities outside the bedroom that tease your senses. Take some dance classes leading up to your wedding. Surprise him with what you can do with your body to the rhythm of some tropical drums.

Don't Be Shy about Being Married

Don't be shy

Be as cheesy as you want! You only have your honeymoon once. This is a big deal so shout it from the rooftops. Go big or go home right? Who might get more surprises if the people around you know you're on your honeymoon.

Make a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs

There will be lots of lovemaking on your honeymoon, so be prepared with some of your favorites. A song can take you back to a memory, and your honeymoon will forever be in your mind.

Bring Oils

Coconut Oils

Give each other sensual massages. Coconut oil is a great choice. It smells great, is all natural, and has multiple purposes (hint, hint).

Have a Spiritual Sunrise

Do all the sleeping in you want. But wake up just once if you can and watch the sunrise together and make it spiritual. It will be a deeply intimate moment as you express your gratitude in the midst of creation. Whether you pray or meditate side by side, it's an opportunity for a different kind of connection.

Plan Your Days

Plan your days

This might sound boring, but it will fly by. You'll want to make the most of it. This doesn't mean you have to be going, going, going...but having a general sense of how to make the most of your days will ensure you can do all the fun things your exotic locale has to offer, while still getting plenty of relaxing downtime.

Document the Memories

We have cameras, videos, and top-notch technology nowadays, but reading about how special your honeymoon was, is irreplaceable. Instead of videotaping everything, journal every night about the details of your day. Be present. A journal allows you to be more present than a camera does. It'll allow you to really go through every moment that captured your heart so it will live forever on the paper. Beautiful scenery, food, drinks, sex, and more sex. It will all start to blend together. You'll love reminiscing for years to come and reliving each day in your memory (especially on anniversaries).

Skip the Gym

Skip Gym

You'll burn plenty of calories in the bedroom! If you can't function without your morning workout, then try to make it a couple's thing.

Bring a Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

Have fun and do a boudoir-style photo shoot in the bedroom. He'll treasure the photos forever! You can use these to make a scrapbook of your honeymoon for your 1st anniversary!

Take a Day Trip

Day trip

Fiji has over 300 islands, and many are tiny specs of land. Get marooned there for the day with your man, pack a backpack, and be the stars of your own little "Blue Lagoon." The seclusion will give you all the confidence to have some wild and romantic fun. If you're fans of Pirates of the Caribbean, then this is a must. Don't forget a bottle of rum!

Limit Social Media

We are all guilty of getting stuck on our phones sometimes because we are so intrigued by something we see. On your honeymoon, try to limit your social media as much as possible so you can fully remember every moment. It's better to know that you were actually present and not on your phone. Our phone takes us away from reality, and your honeymoon is a reality you don't want to miss.

Don't Set Alarms

dont set alarm

Sleep in!! Stay up late!! Do whatever it is that you normally don't do in your everyday life. Your honeymoon is a major celebration, and it calls for a party. Don't set the alarm and just wake up whenever you feel the time is right.

Go on an Adventure

Go On Adventure

Depending on where you're going, try to have a day or two where you do some exciting adventure. It will get your adrenaline going, and you will not regret the experience. Whether it's scuba diving, swimming in caves, riding horses on the beach, etc., the adventure will definitely be a highlight. Every place has something fun to do, so venture out and explore! Do something crazy together and make lots of unforgettable memories.

Go with the Flow

Go with Flow

Finally, some down-to-earth advice. You're going to have a million expectations, and that's totally natural. So will he. Relinquish control and be open to the adventure (it comes in many forms!) and don't freak out if it doesn't go exactly as planned. You'll become more synchronized over time, so be patient with each other. You have a limited number of days on your honeymoon, so don't waste it arguing over petty things.

Closing Thoughts

The most important thing to do on your honeymoon is to have fun! You're madly in love and get to spend forever together, so be kids and throw caution to the wind. You'll make memories with your best friend that will last a lifetime. Enjoy it.

Happy Honeymooning!

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