Christmas Gift Guide For The Feminine Girl At Every Price Point

Amazon, who? The women in your life deserve better than fast fashion and cheaply made homegoods this year.

By Evie1 min read
Pexels/Max Bonda

It’s time we normalize being more thoughtful with our Christmas gifts. The women in our life don’t need more “stuff.” They don’t need yet another flimsy charcuterie board or generic robe that could be swapped haphazardly with any other person on your list. Unless they specifically request an item, it’s up to you to utilize your feminine intuition and be thoughtful about what would actually add to their life or make them light up with joy and excitement. Think about your interactions with each woman in your life over the past year. What have they been loving lately? What colors do they gravitate toward? What pain points are they currently experiencing?

When it comes to finding the perfect feminine gift for Christmas, it’s safe to say that Evie has a leg up on the competition. Embracing our femininity doesn’t happen once a year, unlike many other mags. Our Editors know that being in our feminine nature encompasses gift gifting (a.k.a. generosity), and when Christmastime rolls around, many of us are more than ready to put our energy into making sure that what we spend our hard-earned money on is reflective of that. In this economy, we can’t let a single cent go to waste, and that’s why we’ve spent time curating the ultimate Evie-approved gift guide for the women in your life – from your girliest BFF to your sisters and MIL. Let's get started!

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