The U.S. Just Canceled Funding For The WHO And It’s About Time

By S.G. Cheah
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US cut funding to WHO

America just halted funding to the World Health Organization. Good. The international community has depended on the WHO as a source of unbiased authority regarding the matters of public health. Instead, the WHO has acted like they were nothing but a front for Chinese hegemony.

Global institutions like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and the World Health Organization have been a bastion of political corruption and collaboration with tyrants for a long time. It’s not even a stretch to say these international organizations are a mockery to justice, ethics, and freedom. 

Perhaps that’s why they admitted China to the UN Human Rights Council on April Fool’s Day to help pick experts on free speech, health, and arbitrary detention. This is the same China that has silenced whistleblowers and tried to cover-up the mess they made in causing this global pandemic. This would be funny if only it wasn't such a cruel joke because the hardships suffered by the world today can be traced directly to these corrupt global institutions.

How the WHO Failed Miserably

The World Health Organization had one important function – to help everyone around the world prevent a global pandemic. So far, the WHO has proven to be pretty useless at this one job. As of today, the Wuhan coronavirus has infected almost 2 million people worldwide with over 126,000 deaths. Keep in mind too how that is just the “official” number of people affected, because we have good reason to believe that the real number is far, far worse since the number recorded by China is suspected to be higher than what has been reported. 

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The WHO Could Have Prevented the Deaths

As early as late December, Taiwan had notified the WHO about the risk of human-to-human transmission of the mysterious virus from China. Doctors in Taiwan knew that their colleagues in China were falling sick with the same illness as the patients they were treating – a sure sign of human-to-human transmission. The Taiwanese warnings were ignored by the WHO, and their concerns weren’t shared with other countries. 

Why? Probably because the WHO doesn’t want to recognize Taiwan as an independent, sovereign state for fear of angering China. To the WHO, it was more important that they respect China’s wishes and delusions than it was for them to save human lives. Truth be damned, Taiwan’s warnings shall be ignored. 

Today, Taiwan has a total of six deaths and 393 confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in a country with a population of 23 million people. Taiwan knew what needed to be done and handled the outbreak accordingly. Let that sink in for a while. The population of New York, the state that is the worst affected by this deadly virus has a total population of about 19 million people with fatalities totaling 10,834 and a total confirmed cases of 202,208. Six people have died in Taiwan, while nearly 11,000 have died in the state of New York. 

Six people have died in Taiwan, while nearly 11,000 have died in the state of New York. 

The Utter Corruption of the WHO

As if ignoring Taiwan’s early warnings wasn’t bad enough, the WHO doubled down and used their authority to continually downplay the threat and reassured the world that this wasn’t a problem. According to Skynews, “The WHO maintained that on January 30 the emergency declaration was blocked because it did not yet have evidence of human-to-human transmission despite having full knowledge 12,167 had been infected through human-to-human contact.”

Read that again. 

The World Health Organization actively blocked the call for an emergency declaration on January 30 when they had clear evidence of human-to-human transmission outside of China. 

The Utter Incompetence of the WHO

But ignoring even that, let’s look at the level of evasion the World Health Organization was willing to partake in while shilling for the Chinese Communist Party. All the WHO had to do was to declare an emergency on the basis of spread by human-to-human transmission. But the WHO refused to do so, citing that there was no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. 

So…did all the 12,167 who were infected just happened to come into contact with bats since there was no way that they were infected through human contact? The WHO officials who made that call, who doomed all of humanity today, were either extremely corrupt or extremely unintelligent to the point of being unable to use even the most basic logical reasoning.

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How the WHO Is a Destructive Force

The fact that the WHO would choose to throw the rest of the world into a catastrophe for the sake of their political interest in regards to China is horrifying. What the WHO essentially did was sanction murder when they ignored Taiwan’s warnings. They were condoning murder when they pretended that there wasn’t any human-to-human transmission when they knew the opposite to be true. They were collaborating with murder when they spent precious moments campaigning on the behalf of the Chinese Communist Party to rename the deadly virus COVID-19.

Why So Evil? 

But why exactly is the WHO so eager to bend over backward and kowtow to Communist China’s wishes? Well, we might never know for sure because we aren’t part of the WHO elites who are calling the shots for the rest of the world. The best we can do to make sense of this entire crisis is to figure out why the leadership of the WHO keeps making decision after decision that toes the line of Communist China at the expense of the rest of the world. 

Perhaps one of the reasons the WHO caters to Communist China hand and foot is because they know how Western countries like America won’t pull out funding for the WHO.  Western cultures are generally friendly towards global organizations like the UN because these institutions claim to help the underprivileged around the world. Because of this, they take our support for granted since the assumption is that we’d always be there for them, thus they can get away with treating us like crap. 

Perhaps one reason the WHO caters to Communist China is because they know Western countries like America won’t pull out funding for the WHO.

You can think of it like an unethical person who exploits their dependable friends or family because they know their loved ones will always be there for th pem. Even despite the amount of ingratitude or abuse these worthless users dole out on their benefactors, they assume they’ll never be abandoned because they’re aware of the innate goodness and generosity of their guardians. 

The only way to deal with such appalling behavior is to first admit you’re being used and exploited, and then cut off any help and discard all the respect you used to hold for such a person. Keep in mind too that you have to do so for your own self-preservation because if it was left up to the exploiters, they’d happily fleece you to death.  

Closing Thoughts

Finally, America has had enough of this travesty. The U.S. will be halting funding to the WHO due to the organization’s mismanagement of the coronavirus response. About time, I say. Just like dealing with an ungrateful person who uses you for your resources (the WHO) but who causes you harm (the global pandemic) because they care more about their toxic relationship (China), it’s best you cut them off so you’ll stop enabling their bad behavior. And perhaps, you can start forming healthier and mutually beneficial relationships with other ethical people (Taiwan).

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