The Top 9 Plant-Based Protein Powders On The Market

Fresh, whole foods are always the best go-to, but sometimes a protein shake is an efficient and delicious way to power up.

By Anna Hugoboom4 min read
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Protein powder can be an efficient way to get protein and nutrition in, especially when you’re in the midst of a busy schedule, on an athletic/protein-packed meal budget, or trying to lose weight and cut back on snacks and calorie-dense foods like nuts. It’s also convenient during a detox cleanse when regular foods are limited. But we want something tasty, not a shake that tastes like liquified chalk or soap, like some actually do.

Ideally, all protein shakes would taste delicious, but we also don’t want a ton of sugars, artificial sweeteners or inflammatory alcohol sugars, and fake-hormone-injected whey hidden inside. 

The popular option for plant-based protein powder is pea protein because it’s grain-free, as well as naturally high in lean protein and fiber which helps keep you full longer. Pea protein is also high in iron, which supports energy levels and healthy blood supply. How about that to power your day? Apparently, Shakespeare can also apply to peas: though they be small, they be fierce.

This article doesn’t include whey protein (because it’s not plant-based), or brands like Orgain because (though popular and organic) it contains erythritol, which is not a preferred ingredient. All the options listed below are organic, plant-based/vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. 

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1. Truvani

An excellent choice for those seeking a clean, vegan, keto-friendly, and organic protein powder, Truvani protein powder is sugar-free, grain-free, and delicious! It uses monk fruit extract with no refined or fake sugars, erythritol, or even stevia added. It’s silky smooth – no chalky or grainy texture – and has multiple flavors, including banana cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai, matcha, and peanut butter chocolate. You can try a sampler pack before you decide, although the banana cinnamon and the chocolate are top favorites. The aesthetic brand also offers recipes, like protein brownies, and you can buy collagen and superfood greens powders too. Besides the brand website and Amazon, you can also find Truvani at Whole Foods for a quick pick-up. 

2. NSP Love & Peas

From Nature’s Sunshine Products, Love & Peas protein is well-sourced and is absolutely delicious! With a smooth texture, it boasts clean ingredients that include prebiotic fiber and veggie protein. There is also a sugar-free, stevia-sweetened option. Along with multiple vitamins and substantial fiber, it contains 20 grams of protein per serving. It blends up very thick and creamy, and it tastes great even just shaken up with milk. 

You can find this on Amazon or the Nature’s Sunshine Products site, where you can get a discount on your first order! Simply sign in or create a free account, click this code link here, click Anna Hugoboom’s Favorites, select the Love & Peas, and add the promo “NSP” at checkout. 

Warning for those with sensitive tummies: It does contain some rice protein and bean powders, which may cause slight bloating or indigestion for those who don’t digest these foods easily.

3. Vega

Vega is popular for a reason – it’s healthy and delicious. This organic protein powder has high protein content and nutrient density with no sugar alcohols or erythritol added. There are also non-GMO sport powder options for higher protein. It blends well with fruit for protein smoothies, but also tastes yummy just mixed with milk in a shaker bottle. It also works great in recipes like overnight oats or even added to brownies for a protein treat. No chalky texture, and the multiple options include greens and wellness protein powders for gut health and energy.

The pumpkin and sunflower seed proteins added in the powder boost fertility, since they’re high in vitamin E, and the added probiotics support gut health! What’s not to like? Besides the brand website, you can find Vega at Whole Foods and on Amazon.

4. Shakeology

Shakeology has been on the market for several years and is as tasty as ever. Think of all the nutrients and extra vitamins you might want to add to a regular protein shake, and Shakeology protein powder already has all that in it! Try the chocolate, vanilla, café latte, or strawberry flavors. The cookies n’ cream tastes amazing blended with plant-based milk and a banana! You can even get a sampler pack and taste all the different kinds before committing to a full-sized bag. 

5. KOS

Pronounced K-AWW-S, this protein is named after the Greek island that was the birthplace of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. You’ve probably seen this pop up on Amazon or even passed by it at your local Whole Foods. Though a bit pricey, this product is bursting with clean plant protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and probiotics, and it comes in multiple flavors and sizes! You can also explore their recipes here, as well as their protein content here.

6. Aloha

Aloha contains prebiotics for gut health, has a delicious taste, and is smooth and creamy – it tastes like a milkshake! This was a college staple for me. Plus, it uses a small amount of blue agave and coconut sugar for sweetness; it doesn’t have stevia (for those who don’t like the stevia aftertaste). It's packed with 18 grams of protein and MCTs from coconut oil. It’s delicious blended with 6-8oz. of almond or coconut milk, and even better with fruit like strawberries and bananas.

7. Amazing Grass

Protein plus greens powder, Amazing Grass is packed full of superfood nutrition and helps you get in those veggies as well as clean protein! (It does contain some rice protein.) The protein powder has vanilla and chocolate flavors, and both contain 25 grams of protein per serving. The chocolate flavor is the best, in my opinion. The website also offers healthy recipes


This protein powder is nutrient-dense, clean and organic, everything-free, keto-friendly, super tasty, and made in the USA! The company site has multiple flavors and products, including greens, greens and protein blends, and collagen powders. The protein contains 30 servings, 17 grams of protein per serving, 1 gram of carbohydrates, and only 90 calories. 

Blend with fruit for a smoothie (by itself, the texture is a bit thin). A favorite smoothie blend is a banana, your choice of milk, a scoop of the chocolate protein, and a serving of nut butter. Drink as your breakfast, an afternoon snack, or after a workout for a solid boost of protein.

9. Garden of Life Sport 

The chocolate and vanilla protein powders are full of enzymes, probiotics, and nutritious ingredients, but the taste is debatable for some of the flavors. It contains (sprouted) bean and lentil powders in addition to the pea protein, so if you have trouble digesting those, you may do better with a different option.

The Sport is the best-tasting protein in this brand, but you do need to check the ingredients – some flavors contain stevia, and some contain erythritol. You can also buy the strawberry-flavored Sport protein at Sprouts. 

Closing Thoughts

There’s been plenty of back-and-forth in the debate on protein shakes. There are good brands out there, but there are also equally as many brands that taste gross or have nasty hidden ingredients. For best results, stick with one of the above-mentioned protein powders, keep some of your favorite fruits – and even veggies like spinach and avocado – on hand to toss into a smoothie, and enjoy!

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