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The Top 10 E.L.F. Products For Glam On A Budget

By Elizabeth Condra·· 1 min read

Balling on a budget doesn’t have to mean we sacrifice quality for price, and E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) beauty and skincare products are a perfect example!

E.L.F. is also paraben-free, Leaping Bunny certified, and cruelty free. With amazing price points and so many products to choose from, feel free to get your glam on without the extravagant price point.

From moisturizer to eyeshadow to so much more, here are 10 E.L.F. critic and fan favorites every money-conscious girl needs in her bag. 

elf poreless putty primer

Poreless Putty Primer

The primer that broke the internet — with three finishes to choose from (matte, luminous, and satin) depending on your skin type, this smooth, velvety soft primer applies like a dream (a little goes a long way!) and minimizes pores and moisture, making sure whatever look you’re going for stays locked in place.

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elf eyeshadow quad

Bite-Sized Eyeshadows

With eight different color stories to choose from and pigmented, blendable application, it’s no wonder these quads are as popular as they are! (My personal favorite is “Rose Water.”) The quads also come with a mix of matte and glitter shades, making them effortlessly transition your look from understated to fancy. At $3 apiece, no one’s going to blame you if you need them all. 

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elf happy hydration cream

Cannabis Sativa Happy Hydration Cream

I hope it doesn’t sound dramatic when I say — no joke — this moisturizer changed my life. As someone with sensitive skin prone to unpredictable flare-ups, I’m extremely picky about my skincare. This moisturizer specifically is infused with hemp seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. Within just a few uses, I noticed my skin looked more hydrated and plump (especially when paired with the Beauty Shield Vitamin C Serum). It’s easily blendable with a calming, not overpowering scent, and it’s the perfect conclusion to my nightly routine.

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elf camo concealer

16Hr Camo Concealer

With a unique formula and 16-hour coverage, it’s no wonder this $6 (!) concealer has won awards and accolades from beauty magazines and influencers alike. With a thick, doe-foot applicator and 26 shades to choose from based on your skin’s undertones, this is as full coverage as it gets (you have been warned). Not only is there a matte finish option (black top) for normal-oily skin, there’s also a hydrating option (white top) for normal-dry skin, so you’re sure to find the shade and finish that works for you!

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elf lipstick

SRSLY Satin Lipstick

10 shades, from coral to nude to cocoa and everything in between. $3 each. Pigment for days and EFFORTLESS glide and application. Need I say more?

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elf acne spot treatment roll on

Acne Fighting Spot Gel Treatment

You know how you have a car chapstick, a bedroom chapstick, and a work chapstick? Me too, except with this roll-on formula that’s applied in a breeze and actually works to calm down inflamed swelling and redness when it’s that time of the month and you wake up with a planet on your chin. It has salicylic acid to calm breakouts, as well as tea tree and witch hazel for a soothing effect to mellow out your most unexpected blemishes.

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elf glitter liquid eyeshadow

Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow

If you’re like me (an insomniac who stays up watching makeup tutorials), you’re intimidated by the idea of putting glitter on your face and not looking like a circus clown. Fear no more. Glitter also happens to be my favorite color, and these $5 liquid eyeshadows are too gorgeous to pass up. My go-to for a night out is “Flirty Birdy,” and with a quick-dry, long-last formula, you can dance until dawn with this poppin’ eye look.

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elf matte magic mist setting spray

Matte Magic Mist & Set

I used to think setting spray was just a bottle of overpriced water, but this turned me into a believer. With no overpowering scent (like other setting sprays) and a quick dry time, no look of mine or yours is complete without it. Depending on the look I’m going for, I use this for a matte finish and the Dewy Setting Mist for a fresher, shinier vibe (which is infused with coconut and smells like vacation in Hawaii).

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elf brow pencil

Instant Lift Brow Pencil

However you do your brows — Frida Kahlo or Bella Hadid — you need this $2 pencil in your life. It comes in six shades with a crayon-like pomade at one end and a combing spoolie on the other, meaning your brows can bring the attitude with color payoff and a well-groomed, pulled-together look.

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elf multi-stick

Monochromatic Multi-Stick

Eyes? Lips? Face? Put this multi-stick wherever. It’s versatile, with eight shades, and can be used as blush, a lip tint, or eyeshadow. It’s super blendable and easily buildable, with a smooth and creamy texture that’ll bring a subtle glam to any look.

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