The Strategy You Need To Find A Job During The Coronavirus Outbreak

By Noelle Ottinger··  4 min read
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tips for getting a job during coronavirus outbreak

If you’re a recent college grad and you’re finding it frustrating to look for a job, don’t panic. There are many options for landing that post-graduation career amid the frenzy.

As the world is temporarily turned upside-down because of the infamous COVID-19, not only have the stocks plummeted, but so have people’s outlook on prospective job opportunities. There is good news, though, due to our highly adaptable tech-savvy world.

Industry Matters

While the impact the coronavirus has had on the economy may make job growth look dim, there is no need to freak out over loss of income - many industries are expanding and still hiring right now.  Healthcare, technology, and emergency personnel are looking to hire, as well as delivery services such as Amazon and grocery stores that are needing workers to stock and replenish supplies.

Many industries are expanding and still hiring right now.

Need to work at home?  Recruiters and businesses are looking to expand their virtual presence, and there are many online jobs to make some extra cash that offer flexible schedules and competitive pay. Not sure if your field of study offers remote positions? Think outside the box - perhaps there are similar jobs that are related to your degree that offer necessary learning opportunities. When it comes time to enter your field of work, you will have more tools under your belt and will be better prepared for the future. 

Brush Up on Your Interviewing Skills

The good news is, there is no better time than now to refine and build your interviewing techniques. The push for staying indoors has led many companies to conduct good ol’ fashioned phone interviews for initial meet-and-greets, so focusing on how you present yourself is important. 

Just as we learned in Love is Blind, intonation matters! Your tone of voice (i.e., pitch, inflection, modulation, and intonation) is paramount during an online or phone interview. Research agrees that women who engage in uptalk, or ending their sentences with a question mark, among other undesirable vocal habits, fare worse in interviews.

Grab a buddy to do a “mock” online interview and practice looking at your audience instead of yourself during the videochat. 

With this pandemic, businesses are turning to online interviews on apps like Skype, FaceTime, and Whatsapp, and recruiters are looking for interviewees to shine through their virtual presence. Practicing your close-up for a Skype interview may seem daunting to some, but the same principles for in-person impressions apply to online interviews; it’s still important to look and dress professionally.

Be prepared to wow your interviewer, and make sure your laptop is set up and ready to go: know what angle to aim for, give a clear view, and make sure your background is clean, simple, and properly lit. Grab a buddy to do a “mock” online interview and practice looking at your audience instead of yourself during the videochat. Think props! Think of ways to make the interview engaging - you want to make sure the interviewer remembers you.

Focus on Building Your Online Presence

Armed with the tech interview skills, now more than ever, it’s a great time to get social by building your online profiles and resume/cover letter. Sites such as Linkedin, Indeed, and even a personal blog or website help to boost your online presence through networking. Here are three tips on improving your Linkedin profile:

  • Make your headline more visible to employers: Your headline doesn’t need to reflect your exact title, but it should reflect what employers are looking for.  Use keywords for your position found on jobseeker sites and plug them into a word cloud generator for the most common words and add it to your headline.

  • Change your location: Having trouble attracting a job recruiter? Simply change your location on your profile to the city where that job you’ve been eyeing is located - this will boost your visibility to employers!

  • Focus on your Skills and Endorsement sections: Surprisingly, this section is where companies often look to see a potential candidate’s diverse skills and recommendations. Refine what skills are relevant to the jobs you are applying for and delete unrelated skills. Additionally, the more endorsements you have for the specific job you’re applying for, the better your chances that employers will see your profile.

Sprucing up your portfolio or resume through these virtual job sites will be your saving grace through periods of boredom or frustration. Sharing articles of interest on social media platforms also enhances your chances of connecting with the right people to land that perfect job!

Closing Thoughts

During these uncertain times, it’s important to follow up with potential leads, even if you don’t hear back from an interview. Companies may not feel confident about making hiring decisions just at this moment, so remember to follow up at least once a week until you hear back - the fact that you show an interest expresses your go-getter attitude that many employers desire!

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