The Secrets To Naturally Healthy And Beautiful Skin

By Mandie Brice··  3 min read
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the secrets to naturally beautiful and healthy skin

Here's what the big beauty companies won't tell you.

Your biggest organ is your skin, and it’s also the only outfit you’ll wear for the rest of your life. That alone should be incentive to take good care of it, especially while you’re young! Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do without having to buy tons of expensive products.

They say that true beauty comes from within, and it’s not just a matter of your beautiful personality shining through, but also a reflection of what you put in your body that can improve your skin!

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important ways to improve your skin from within is drinking water. Staying hydrated may help fill in your wrinkles and pores. Additionally, it works to flush toxins out of your system. Many people with bad skin later on in life were consistently dehydrated. (And that often also includes drinking alcohol or caffeine too frequently, which are diuretics and dehydrate you!) If you’re deciding which water is best, consider alkaline water because it can help balance your PH – especially if you’re a coffee drinker!

Staying hydrated may help fill in your wrinkles and pores.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Eating anti-inflammatory foods is also essential, because inflammation often causes or exacerbates acne and other skin irritations. For some, dairy is an issue, for others it’s gluten, and fir still others it's both – or something else entirely! If you’re experiencing problems, I would keep a food and skin journal, and see what connections you can make between your diet and your face! 

There are other easy solutions, too! Every morning, start it with warm, hot, or room temperature water with lemon in it. Your body is thirsty from going all night without hydration, and the lemon helps warm up the system and get things flowing. Additionally, the vitamin C in the citrus is a powerful antioxidant that kills harmful free radicals and helps stimulate collagen, which is why some people also use a vitamin C serum as part of their beauty routine, especially at night before bed!

Apple Cider Vinegar (Drink and Apply!)

Another natural and inexpensive skincare “secret” that can be beneficial both inside and out is apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, can be used to detoxify from within or on the outside and can also be combined with bentonite clay for a natural deep pore cleansing mask! Bragg is our favorite quality brand of organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar can be combined with bentonite clay for a natural deep pore cleansing mask.

Keep a Consistent Skincare Routine

While masking on occasion definitely helps skin, it's important to have a consistent (that means even when you’re tired) skincare routine that includes – at the bare minimum – cleansing morning and night (especially to remove makeup), moisturize morning and night, and exfoliate gently a couple times per week. 

Rest and De-stress! 

This is all for naught, though, if a couple other lifestyle habits aren’t in place – such as getting great sleep and managing stress. Most of us know that stress can cause breakouts, but did you know it can cause wrinkles and dryness, too? Additionally, sleep is when our bodies heal and recover, and that includes our skin! Sometimes a great night of sleep is the best pimple cure that money CAN’T buy! 

Closing Thoughts

By making other healthy-for-you habits such as nourishing your body, resting, and using simple skincare habits (I repeat – never go to bed with makeup on!), you can naturally and inexpensively do wonders for your skin!

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