The Rock And His Daughters Are The Cutest Thing On Instagram

Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, has performed in a variety of roles throughout his life. From college football player to professional wrestler to actor, he has proven himself to be quite the Renaissance man. Our favorite role of his (aside from the voice of Maui in “Moana”), though, is definitely the devoted father.

By Molly Farinholt2 min read
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We always appreciate the big names keeping it real on social media — something The Rock does better than almost anyone. His hilarious workout videos, mouth-watering cheat meal photos, and sappy captions revealing his great love and appreciation for his wife Lauren make his Instagram the absolute best. Recently, though, it has been his photos and videos with his adorable daughters that are making everyone smile and laugh through these crazy, unprecedented times. 

The Rock has three daughters: Simone (18), his eldest from his previous marriage to Dany Garcia, and Jasmine (4) and Tiana (2). It seems that quarantine has turned Tiana, nicknamed Tia, into Moana’s biggest fan. Anyone with children knows that when a child enjoys a movie, he or she wants to watch it over and over and over. So, The Rock, being the loving and patient father that he is, has given in to his daughter’s requests for more and more of the popular Disney film. 

On April 15, he posted the cutest video of him singing “You’re Welcome” while bouncing Tia on his lap. “And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui,” he wrote in the caption. “She has no idea, we’re the same person,” he added. 

A couple of weeks prior to that, he had posted a video of their new routine in which he sings the rap portion of “You’re Welcome” while washing his daughter’s hands. The clip went viral and likely inspired many parents to replace singing the ABCs with some more engaging Disney tunes while hand washing. 

By April 26, The Rock jokingly claimed to be up to nearly 2,000 renditions of “You’re Welcome.” Baby Tia looked as happy as ever in the video. “It. Never. Ends,” wrote The Rock. And the look on Tia’s face said that it never gets old, either. On May 1, during the 3,978th singing of Maui’s song, Tia still wasn’t convinced that her daddy and Maui are the same person. She may be one of the only ones who can shut The Rock down. Actress Eiza Gonzalez commented that “she’s the boss now.” We couldn’t agree more. 

The 48-year-old’s patience is not limited to his youngest. On April 24, he posted a photo holding a Peppa Pig pinata for Jasmine who, according to him, already has the “swing intensity and precision of Mike Trout.” 

“The sacrifices fathers are willing to make,” he wrote, lamenting the fact that his groin was likely in danger of suffering from her ferocious swing. 

Closing Thoughts 

Sheltering at home seems both exhausting and wildly entertaining at the Johnson household. We’re grateful for the highlights The Rock has shared via social media that prove that family, love, laughter, and lots of Moana can make this time much brighter.