The REAL Reason Men Love Harley Quinn

Feminists claim men love Harley Quinn because they want someone to abuse, but the truth is quite the opposite.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner2 min read
The REAL Reason Men Love Harley Quinn DC Comics fair use

Most men and women love her because she’s upbeat, smart but not condescending, has a great sense of humor, and is incredibly supportive. All the things we need in a partner. 

Harley Quinn’s Debut As Joker’s Girlfriend

Harley Quinn was created for the ‘90s cartoon Batman: The Animated Series. Unlike a lot of female characters from the comics, she was introduced as a counterpart for a villain. But her character quickly stole the show. 

What made her so special was that she wasn’t truly bad. She had redeeming moments that reflected true humanity. She sometimes helped Batman or teamed up with other female villains and developed friendships with them. Her upbeat character was irresistible. Young girls (like me at the time) enjoyed her positive nature, and many boys loved how she made the Joker less scary. 

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There were moments when she stopped the Joker from killing Batman. To her, crime wasn’t about hurting others, it was about doing what she wanted. It was all just a game. 

Harley Quinn’s Journey 

Throughout the series itself, Harley Quinn learned some serious lessons. And she was incredibly intelligent. Although she was head over heels in love with the Joker, she wasn’t afraid to advise him or display her authority over anybody who questioned her. Despite this, she wasn’t condescending either. Her suggestions and orders were usually delivered with a laugh. 

That sense of humor is something that gave fans more to love. Yes, Harley’s relationship with the Joker was imbalanced and a textbook Stockholm Syndrome case, but it made us want better for her.

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The fact that she loved to laugh and could handle the worst of times with a smile displayed a type of strength not often seen. Women look to that aspect of her character for inspiration, not her abuse. And every man I’ve spoken to about the subject doesn’t hesitate to express their sympathy and desire to rescue her from the Joker. 

Most men aren’t looking for someone to abuse. They don’t want a victim and all the drama that comes with that. They wish to be the hero, the man to rescue the damsel – even if she’s not in distress (or can save herself). 

That’s probably why Harley eventually left the Joker in the comics. It got too serious. But the most recent portrayals of her are hypersexualized, and she’s also become a casualty of Hollywood's radical agenda. She’s now a lesbian. 

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This kind of manipulation of a fan favorite is being seen in other areas of the comic industry with Superman's son coming out as bi-sexual and so many other beloved characters being sacrificed on the identity politics altar, but even throughout all of this, the heart of who Harley Quinn is remains. She’s still super positive, loving, and funny. 

The Fantasy Woman 

Most importantly, Harley Quinn originally became the ultimate fantasy girl because she was the most supportive person in the Joker’s life. The thing men crave in a relationship is support. They want to know someone has their back no matter what. Even if they screw up. 

Now, no woman should stick around for a man who continuously abuses them, but again, Harley Quinn was born a cartoon and she has been portrayed through comics and movies as a fantasy. Fantasies are sometimes messed up. It’s not easy to sift through the convoluted mental issues connected to some unrealistic desires, but that’s why they’re not real. 

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Harley Quinn embodies everything men wish to find in a counterpart while remaining true to her feminine energy, which appeals to ladies as well. Reality can be a bit much when we’re facing a lot of stress. 

It’s nice to see a happy character do everything she can to laugh and be happy. It’s appealing to think of having someone love us so unconditionally that they will support us no matter what. And it’s also nice to imagine helping her get away from a crazed lunatic.

harley quinn and batman

Closing Thoughts

Harley Quinn’s character has been through a lot. From cartoons, to comics, to movies, she’s worn many storylines. Yet through it all, she has remained confident, intelligent, funny, and encouraging. 

It’s not difficult to understand why that appeals to men, or why women adore her. It’s not about seeking someone to abuse, but rather valuing a person who deserves to be valued. The real reason we love her is because we see her pain and wish to stop it.