The Radical Left's Anti-White Sentiment Is Starting To Sound Like Nazi Rhetoric About Jews

By S.G. Cheah
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If someone told me that white people today are treated like how the Jews were treated in Europe pre-Nazi Germany, I’d tell them they’re crazy and to stop exaggerating things.

Yet lately, it seems like every single day I stumble upon another different form of vilification of the white race. These anti-white sentiments can be encountered anywhere from the media establishment to our public and private institutions, and also on a personal level as perpetuated by our public figures and various social media personalities.

I'm told white people are racist. That white people are oppressive. How all white people are evil. In small doses, the "hate whitey" sentiment can be brushed off as just the ramblings of a fringe movement. But when the same "hate whitey" agenda is parroted by the mainstream establishment, then the problem becomes concerning to me. 

Outward Racism Is on the Rise against White People 

While this may be an uncomfortable topic to address, the fact is, America is currently observing a steady rise of outward racism against white people. You’d be hard-pressed to go a day without coming across some sort of racially oriented criticism directed against white people — be it white males, white women, white children, or even white babies. 

preserving my kids innocence is white supremacy huff post headline

There’s a slew of movies, music, TV shows, books, op-eds, and artwork that have been created to address the problem of “whiteness,” with the specific intention of making its audiences uncomfortable as a means of dealing with the problems of race. And indeed, you should be uncomfortable, because the uncomfortable truth is that we’re seeing more and more societal acceptance of violence committed against white people.  

white people are never discriminated against metro uk headline

We’re Seeing a Growth of Random Violence Committed against White People 

While the media tries to hide this fact, the reality is that hate crimes against whites simply don't spark the same societal outrage as hate crimes committed by a white person. However, what’s even worse than just allowing the violence to be ignored is when the violence committed against whites is justified as a form of “racial justice,” since the idea is that “white people are inherently evil racists.” 

Or as the currently trendy Robin DiAngelo book White Fragility makes the case that “white people can’t help but be intrinsically racist.” This turn in racial discourse is scary because it’s reminiscent of how the Jews were dehumanized throughout 19th century Europe – the era which brought about Nazi Germany. This dehumanization of an entire race (the Jews) later led to the rationalization of the extermination of Jewish people throughout Europe.

Irrational Hatred of White People Today Parallels the Anti-Semitism against Jews in Pre-Nazi Europe

So let’s ask this uncomfortable question: Could it be that the treatment of the white race today mirrors how the Jews were treated in pre-Nazi Europe?  Whereby it's socially acceptable to say nasty things about white people openly and even to be encouraged to do so? 

For those who may not know, anti-Jewish sentiments were trendy and fashionable throughout 19th century Europe. Celebrated public figures like the genius composer Richard Wagner and the socialist darling Karl Marx openly expressed their disgust against the Jews as a race. Educated, successful, and wealthy, the Jews were often scapegoated and blamed for causing the poverty and hardship of less privileged Europeans. 

caricature of Jewish financier Alphonse de Rothschild

Caricatures of Jewish financier Alphonse de Rothschild from Musée des Horreurs depicting the anti-Semitic sentiment in France during the Dreyfus Affair, published between 1899 and 1900. 

The Sanction of the Victim 

Weirdly enough, the Jews during that era accepted the fashionable hatred of their race and continued to work with the people who had expressly declared their anti-Semitism against the Jewish race. Wagner had a cadre of talented Jewish musicians and businessmen constantly supporting his work, despite his outright hatred for the Jews. 

And the same goes for Karl Marx. Ethnically Jewish himself, he nonetheless spouted streams of hatred against the Jews. Marx brings to mind the many self-hating white people who perpetuate the anti-white rhetoric, some of whom would even go so far as to pretend to be black or a different ethnicity. We can easily compare how the Jews accepted the blatant anti-Semitic attacks to a growing number of white people who would openly accept and provide support to the hate directed against the white race today.

The Danger of Vilifying Any Race

The growing irrational hatred against white people should be a concern for everyone (no matter the race — not just white people) because it leads towards tyranny. If I were asked, “Why do you care if white people are villainized? You’re not white, so it’s none of your business,” the answer would be simple. The fundamental premise behind the founding of America is the pledge that “All Men Are Created Equal.” 

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Through this pledge, America is grounded in the principle that all human beings “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Slavery was abhorrent because it was a rejection of the principle that all men are created equal. Similarly, the vilification of white people today is just as abhorrent because it’s grounded in the same rejection of this principle – that all men are created equal. 

Racism Is Racism, Regardless of Privilege or Power  

And this is why Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility is problematic. The question of race isn’t supposed to be built on the false dichotomy of framing someone as a racist or an anti-racist. The question, correctly, should be established on whether or not you believe that all men are equal in the eyes of the Creator. This question matters because the proclamation “All Men Are Created Equal” is the fundamental tenet of America’s founding. It’s a tenet that grants all of her citizens equal rights because “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

No matter your skin color, or gender, or differing religious beliefs (or even if you’re not particularly religious), it doesn’t change that — according to the American Constitution – all men are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Hence the vilification and dehumanization of a group of people by declaring that “they’re born racist” and that “racism is inherent in their DNA” violates the truth that all men are created equal and are therefore endowed with certain unalienable Rights. 

vice headline reverse racism isn't real

This is why it’s dangerous when there are people today who reject this self-evident truth. The Nazis didn’t believe that the Jews were created equal in the eyes of God, and the modern anti-white racist of today seems to share the same sentiments about the white race. If indeed white people are intrinsically evil racists, then not all men are created equal, which means that the tenet of unalienable rights doesn’t stand.

Closing Thoughts 

The more moderate of us, who are saner in our beliefs, have allowed the extremist fringe to set the framework for discourse about race for too long now. The outcome of their worldview is why we’re observing the growth of lunacy today when you can be accused of being a racist even when you know you’re not. 

But you needn't even dignify their accusations either. Rather, if you’re ever accused of being a racist/white supremacist, just answer with the simple “I believe that all men are created equal. Why do you ask? Don’t you believe that all men are equal in the eyes of the Creator too?” And if they have an issue with that, then they’ll just have to take that up with God. (Side note: Imagine being a Karen complaining to God about not liking how white people were made.) 

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