The Prettiest Work From Home Outfits We've Found

It might feel easy to just stay in your pajamas all day when you’re working from home, but trust me, these outfits will make you want to get ready for the day.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
work from home outfits

I believe in the power of getting dressed. Our appearance is so connected to how we feel about ourselves and our mood, so we shouldn’t neglect it just because nobody else is around. The way you see yourself is of fundamental importance, and getting ready can help you feel better when you pass by a mirror in your house or see yourself on the Zoom screen. It will absolutely be worth the extra couple minutes it will take you to actually get dressed for the day.

One of my rules is to always try to wear clothes that are appropriate for what I’m doing. I like to wear cute pajamas to go to bed, workout clothes to exercise, and real clothes for any other activity I have. Don’t let pajamas make their way into your workday because it will signal to your brain that it’s bedtime, which is far from ideal when you have a long day of work ahead of you.

A Wrap Dress

Women often overlook how comfortable dresses are, but there’s honestly nothing easier than a wrap dress. Invest in simple knee-length wrap dresses. They really don’t require any more effort than sweats, yet you’ll feel a million times chicer. No reason not to bring femininity into your work from home wardrobe even if you’re the only one who sees! 

A Knit Dress

Have I not sold you on the idea of wearing a dress when you’re working from home? Let’s take baby steps. Try starting off with a knit dress! It’s all the warmth and comfort of your PJs but will boost your confidence 100%. Where do I sign up?

The Cozy yet Chic Cardigan

Throw a long cardigan over your outfit. You can never go wrong with having beautiful cardigans in your closet in multiple neutral shades that work with most of your wardrobe. They add a little warmth and coziness to your outfit, but will help you be more productive than if you were sitting at your computer in a robe or hoodie.

A Neutral Sweater

A simple sweater is a basic for a reason. You can throw it on with a pair of jeans, and hello, a complete outfit, done. Or you can tap into your femininity even more and wear it with a skirt or layer it over a dress. It’s an easy way to create new outfits and an excellent work from home option. Bonus points if you match it to the rest of your outfit to make your look monochromatic! Super chic.

Have Fun with Your Top

One benefit of working from home is you can wear all the pretty outfits you find super fun but weren’t comfortable wearing to the office. Love puff sleeves but could never work up the courage to wear them? Now’s your chance. Have a little fun with fashion! It’s more important that you love your clothing and working from home just makes it a whole lot easier for you to wear what you want. So buy the fun blouses and wear the heck out of them. Having fun with what you wear will be really good for your mood, especially when we’re all so isolated from each other.

Keep It Relaxed in a White Button-Down

Try a more toned-down version of typical workwear! Take your basic white button-down, but then throw it on over a pair of jeans, blue or white will do. And voila, you’ve got the easy-breezy, French it-girl vibes without even trying. You’ll never want to work in your pajamas again!

Keep It Easy in a Maxi

The maxi dress is perhaps the ultimate comfy dress. It’s all the comfort of a long nightgown with all the formality needed for it to be appropriate for any daytime activity. Plus, they’re flattering on pretty much everyone. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s really fun to tuck your legs under the dress. It’s so long that it basically doubles as a blanket! You’re welcome. 

Embrace the Blazer

Nothing like a blazer to make your t-shirt more like workwear. Start off with a simple blazer that you can pair with all your clothes, and I promise you’ll find it helps you to be more productive. If you really like wearing it, you might even consider investing in more colorful, statement blazers to help switch things up.

Part of good style is knowing what you like to wear and buying more of that thing. It helps you to get the most use out of your wardrobe and feel the happiest in what you’re in. So don’t be afraid to have a formula for your work at home outfits! Think of it as a school uniform (but one you actually like) — you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear, but you feel put together and ready to take on the day.

A Cozy Knit Top

The more casual version of the workwear blouse. It’s comfy and knit, but in a neutral color will still let you feel like a businesswoman. Add some simple jewelry and you should be good to go. Plus, since it’s more fitted, it works really well as a layering piece.

If You Must Wear Pajamas…

Now if you’ve made it through the article and I still haven’t convinced you to ditch your pajamas, allow me to present going halfway. Wearing a silk pajama top with more work-appropriate trousers is a really great approach to “in-between” work from home clothing. You want a balance that will be a habit that you’ll continue, but still keep you from feeling super sluggish because you’re wearing the same pajamas all the time. 

And if you insist on wearing a pajama top and bottom, at least pick out a more fancy silk pair. The feather trend is also a good way to make your nightwear a little more festive, which I say is a must if it’s going to double as your daywear. 

Closing Thoughts

Pretty much anything goes right now for workwear, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to put yourself together each morning. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll look better when you do end up going out for a walk or running an errand. Working from home is not a good excuse not to dress up! Your clothes are primarily meant to make you feel good and look better, so even if only you will see, it’s completely worth it to make the effort.