The Pet Essentials Our Editors Are Buying On Amazon This Spring

One thing about millennials and Gen Z? Our pets are so much more than pets.

By Anna Hartman1 min read
Pexels/Alina Skazka

In fact, upon simply uttering the word “pet” in any millennial or Gen Z girl’s presence, you’d be likely to witness an immediate visceral reaction. Gen Z, in particular, is even more likely to prioritize pet spending over personal luxuries. When they say, “I work so that my dog can have a better life,” I do believe they mean it. Especially for those of us who have pets prior to motherhood, it’s really our first dip into taking full responsibility for and genuinely and deeply caring for something other than ourselves.  

It can be exciting and overwhelming all at once, especially when faced with the question of "what do I need?" Similar to bringing a new baby home from the hospital though, the list of what is genuinely needed really quite short. However, it doesn't hurt to indulge in some of the more fun, aesthetic, or trendy aspects to make the experience that much more special.

So, what exactly does our Evie team highly recommend or have in their shopping carts to repurchase, specifically for their pets, this spring? Let’s take a look. 

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