The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Five Types Of Guys

By Keelia Clarkson··  3 min read
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching — be prepared and get a gift your guy will love!

If you’re anything like me, the task of searching for the perfect gift for someone strikes fear into your heart. We want to make sure they’ll actually like it, find some use in it, and appreciate the thought we took in selecting it — but we also don’t trust our ability to find such a gift. If this sentiment speaks to you, fear no more.

To simplify your Valentine’s Day shopping this year, here’s a list of the perfect gifts, broken down by five types of guys:

1. The Stylish Guy

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Shopping for men with a strong sense of their personal style can be daunting — a pair of socks isn’t going to rock his world. But on the flip side, a guy like this cherishes quality, design, and refinement, so he’ll really enjoy a gift that reflects his individual taste.

What to get a Stylish Guy: A fancy watch, a nice wallet, a versatile messenger bag, or a classic denim jacket.

2. The Manly Man

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It’s no piece of cake, trying to find a gift for the Manly Man. Not one for a box of chocolates and a card, this guy particularly loves embracing his masculinity—and growing out his beard and sipping on some whiskey are his favorite ways to do that.

What to get a Manly Man: A luxe beard oil, a classy cologne, or some cool whiskey stones.

3. The Book Addict

book addict

While a book may be the obvious answer, your guy will undoubtedly appreciate something a little less on-the-nose. Keenly intelligent, imaginative, and wise, he finds himself more taken with a world of fiction rather than your typical guy gifts.

What to get a Book Addict: A nifty kindle, a book-scented candle, or a couple of unique bookends.

4. The Wannabe Chef

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Here’s the best thing about this guy: a gift for him is also secretly a gift for you! Always excited to try new and adventurous recipes, he practically lives in the kitchen and treats his cooking utensils like a newborn. If this sounds like your man, all I have to say is: lucky you!

What to get a Wannabe Chef: An awesome chef’s knife, a personalized cutting board, or some black truffle hot sauce.

5. The Outdoorsy Dude

outdoors man

Easily the biggest explorer of any group, this guy is always a total thrill to be with — not to mention, he’s really into staying fit, embracing the beauty of nature, and has an endless hunger for adventure.

What to get an Outdoorsy Dude: A handy Swiss army knife, a water filtration straw, or a pocket-sized blanket.

Closing Thoughts

Valentine’s Day is all about showing our love for one another, and there’s nothing quite like watching our significant other’s eyes light up as they unwrap a gift we spent time, energy, and our hard-earned money on. I hope you found this list helpful on your quest for the perfect gift!

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