The People Who Criticize Leonardo DiCaprio For Dating A 19-Year-Old Are Totally Fine With Women Selling Their Bodies Online To Strangers

Academy Award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is under fire yet again for dating a woman who is decades younger than him. But what are people really upset about? And why aren't they just as grossed out by much more concerning things like pedophilia in Hollywood and cheapening sex work?

By Gina Florio4 min read
Leo DiCaprio eden polani

One of the great actors of our time, Leonardo DiCaprio, 48, has become famous not only for his ability to transform on camera. He's known for being a serial dater of young models. In fact, he's notorious for only dating women who are under the age of 25. His recent girlfriends include Camila Morrone when she was 20 (they broke up just two months after her 25th birthday), Nina Agdal when she was 24, Erin Heatherton when she was 22, and Blake Lively when she was 23. The older Leo gets, the bigger the age gap gets between him and his current girlfriend. This has become a source of gossip around Hollywood and social media for years and it's been heightened more and more lately due to Leo's latest conquests. His latest girlfriend is reportedly a 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani. They apparently were seen getting cozy at an LA release party for Ebony Riley's new EP. Eden is a drop-dead gorgeous young woman with long auburn hair, green eyes, and freckles.

People have called Leo a predator, a creep, and an egomaniac because of his dating choices. The outrage continues to grow online and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. But what are people really upset about? Isn't a younger woman dating an older, richer, and more powerful man just a tale as old as time? Plus, the very people who claim that they're grossed out by Leo dating a 19-year-old model are the same ones who are completely fine with that same 19-year-old selling her body to total strangers online—because "empowerment."

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Gross For Dating Younger Women?

Our society has taught us that it's disgusting for older men to date younger women. There have been many stars who have been criticized for this in the past, such as Jerry Seinfeld, Wilmer Valderrama, Zach Braff, Dane Cook, and more. These men are chastised by various fans and onlookers who call them predatory for even considering a younger woman as a mate. But is it really that wrong for a man to date a younger woman who is as interested in the relationship as he is?

This forces us to examine why exactly older men like to date younger women. At face value it's easy to write it off as a horny man completing a sexual conquest with a woman who is in her physical prime. Even if that is part of the equation, what's so wrong with a rich, successful man wanting a young, beautiful woman on his arm? One of the greatest general differences between men and women is that men provide steadiness and protection to the world and women provide beauty and nurturing. Of course a man wants to be with a beautiful woman just like a woman wants to be with a powerful, successful man. These are simple biological differences that can't be denied, no matter how much progressives attempt to tear down the relationship between masculinity and femininity.

From everything we know as bystanders, Leonardo DiCaprio is clear about his intentions with women. He has never been married and it doesn't look like he has any interest in marrying in the future. He may not be the best role model for young men as he's not interested in becoming a father and husband in order to create a strong family unit that will create a better society eventually, but just because he isn't the most virtuous man when it comes to relationships doesn't automatically make him a predatory creep. Besides, why isn't anyone considering the woman's role in the relationship?

Why Isn't Anyone Talking About the Role of the Younger Woman in the Relationship?

If men are interested in beauty and softness, that would inherently mean that women are interested in finding a man who will protect and provide for them. Women are also just as interested in power as men are interested in beauty. This has been true since the dawn of time and there is nothing new about an older, successful, rich man dating a younger, beautiful woman who chooses to be with him. Everyone is acting like Leo is forcing these young women to date him, but let's be real for a second: just about any 20-year-old woman would take their shot at dating a successful, wealthy guy like Leo (his net worth is reportedly $300 million) if they had the chance. Especially when you consider the fact that he seems to take care of these women pretty well. He takes on them on expensive trips, probably gives them beautiful gifts, and spoils them beyond anything they've probably experienced before.

Everyone is conveniently ignoring the fact that these women are just as interested in dating Leo as he is interested in dating them. In fact, on Eden's Instagram page, she has already been flooded with comments telling her to stay away from Leo. "Gurl you are way too pretty for that old man," someone wrote. "He’s going to drop you when u turn 25," another person said. "Girl you’re so pretty, you’re clearly stable and financially well, literally why do you need that predator? Save yourself queen," another commented.

They're acting like she's being forced into this relationship, without ever considering the fact that she has just as much to gain from dating Leo—if not more. She is propelled into the next level of stardom, she gets to be spoiled and taken on extravagant trips around the world, and she gets connected with some of the most powerful people in the world of fashion and Hollywood. She knows exactly what she's doing and she is probably fully aware of the fact that Leo isn't interested in marrying her. If she likes him (he's probably a charming guy, judging by his track record), why is everyone acting like she is being coerced into this predatory relationship? They're both benefitting from it greatly at the end of the day.

The Utter Hypocrisy of People Who Criticize Leonardo DiCaprio for Dating Younger Women

One thing that particularly stands out is, the very same people who heavily criticize Leo and Eden for their alleged relationship are the ones who support sex work, prostitution, and OnlyFans. They're totally okay with women selling their bodies online to total strangers who objectify them and pay exorbitant amounts of money to see them perform sex acts. They say as long as it's consenting between both parties, it's completely fine. And yet they turn around and say that a consenting 20-something model shouldn't date Leo because he's a creep.

@plzbepatient tweeted, "50 year old guy paying to bang a 19 year old escort by the hour: cool and good. 50 year old guy paying all the expenses of a 19 year old girl for a few years in exchange for sex and companionship: evil and bad."

Not to mention the rampant pedophilia and sex abuse that happens in Hollywood—all the people who chastise Leo for dating younger women remain pretty silent about the countless stories of sex abuse that come from the celebrity world on a regular basis. There's no problem with young girls being used as props in a Balenciaga photo shoot featuring teddy bears in bondage and court documents about child pornography, but heaven forbid Leo dates a young model. They're completely fine with propping up the industry of pornography despite the fact that it's responsible for the trafficking of thousands of women and children every year, but Leo dating a 19-year-old is the absolute worst thing ever. The hypocrisy from these people is utterly exhausting; they're more concerned with owning the so-called patriarchy rather than addressing real concerns that involve women and children who are actually sexually abused.

It's perfectly fine if you don't agree with Leo's lifestyle and his choice to serially date young models rather than get married and start a family. Again, he's not a virtuous man that we should point young men to for good examples on how to approach love. However, that doesn't automatically make him a predator who is out to manipulate women. His girlfriends know exactly what they're doing, just like Leo does.