The Official 2022 Evie Gift Guide For The Wellness Expert

By Evie
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The Official 2022 Evie Gift Guide For The Wellness Expert

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Is she the first to jump on the newest wellness trend circulating TikTok? The wellness expert in your life is probably on a hot girl walk, listening to The Skinny Confidential, and thinking about picking up some raw milk from her local farmers' market as we speak. She may have her fitness regime and nutrition down pat, but we’re willing to bet she’d be thrilled to add the latest gadget to her wellness routine. Our official 2022 Evie gift guide has the present that she’ll go crazy over.

gut love cookbook

The Gut-Loving Cookbook

Buy Now - $16
acupressure mat

Acupressure Mat

Buy Now - $80
Two-Piece Tennis Dress Set

Two-Piece Tennis Dress Set

Buy Now - $108
water bottle sling

Water Bottle Sling

Buy Now - $44
wellness journal

Wellness Journal

Buy Now - $40
personal safety alarm

Personal Safety Alarm

Buy Now - $44
lavender pillow

Lavender Pillow Insert

Buy Now - $38
facial ice

DIY Ice Cube Frozen Facial Mask

Buy Now - $29
ankle weights

Adjustable Wrist/Ankle Weights

Buy Now - $96
gua sha spoon

Crystal Gua Sha Spoon

Buy Now - $20
airpod case leather

Leather Airpod Case

Buy Now - $39
orange running shoes pink

Running Shoes

Buy Now - $85
Essential Oil Kit

Essential Oil Kit

Buy Now - $65
water bottle motivational

Motivational Water Bottle

Buy Now - $30
runner sling

Runner Sling

Buy Now - $28
anti anxiety notebook

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Buy Now - $38
Petite Ceramic Mug

Petite Ceramic Mug

Buy Now - $32
shower affirmation set

Shower Affirmation Set

Buy Now - $28
Seamless Sculpted Yarn Bralet And Full Length Legging Set

Activewear Bralet And Legging Set

Buy Now - $31
Exhale Training Yoga Mat

Exhale Training Yoga Mat

Buy Now - $50
Hidden Crystal Bath Bomb Set

Hidden Crystal Bath Bomb Set

Buy Now - $78