The Official 2022 Evie Gift Guide For The Femme Girl

By Evie
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The Official 2022 Evie Gift Guide For The Femme Girl

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She knows that her feminine nature is what sets her apart, and she embraces it like no one you’ve met before. The femme girl in your life probably reads Evie (if not, this is your clue to do her a favor and introduce us ASAP). She's the one who shows up adorned with pretty bows, dressed in delicate florals, and probably has more shades of pink in her closet than you knew existed.  

Our official 2022 Evie gift guide is made for the femme girl, whether that’s your mom, best friend, or sister, and we’re confident you’ll find something she loves on this list.  

feather clutch

Feather Clutch

Buy Now - $115
satin feather pjs

Satin Feather Pajama Shirt and Pants Set

Buy Now - $112
pink margaux mules

Margaux Mules

Buy Now - $238
timeless paris

Timeless Paris, by Marin Montagut

Buy Now - $40
lady hair bow
petite roses coat

Petite Roses Coat

Buy Now - $380
bow detail gloves

Bow Detail Gloves

Buy Now - $135
mini candle trio set

Mini Candle Trio Set

Buy Now - $54
eye masks pink

Eye Masks

Buy Now - $26
pearl headband

Pearl Headband

Buy Now - $58
pink wine glasses

Pink Wine Glasses

Buy Now - $56
floral platform heels

Floral Platform Heels

Buy Now - $365
hoop earrings

Hoop Earrings

Buy Now - $55
chanel perfume pink

Chanel Perfume

Buy Now - $116
ruffle knit beret

Ruffle Knit Beret

Buy Now - $38