The Media Is Ignoring Rape Accusations Against Joe Biden Because They Value Their Careers More Than The Truth

If there is one element in our society that has failed to live up to their responsibility in a free society, it’s the press. Gone are the days where the public can rely on the ethical standards of journalism to hand us accurate facts from an objective standpoint. Mainstream media’s latest attempt to conceal the allegations of Joe Biden’s sexual assault is just another example of today’s common practice of crooked journalism.

By S.G. Cheah3 min read
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Before I start, I want to make it clear that this isn’t a piece about Joe Biden. I will not be so bold as to verify or invalidate the accusations brought upon him by his accuser because, frankly, I’m not an investigative reporter with the economic resources of a massive media conglomerate behind me like The New York Times or The Washington Post.

As for my opinion on Joe Biden, all I can say is that I feel utter pity for the man. The way I see it, the Democratic National Committee is engaged in blatant elder abuse in dragging him out to be their Presidential nominee. This is a man who is older than the end of World War II. He has done his tour of public service as Vice President for eight long years. By now, he should be left alone to enjoy his retirement doing cute old man things, like George W. Bush painting pictures of puppies.

When I see Joe Biden, I see a feeble old man who can’t call it quits despite his age because he was never given the option of retirement. The Democratic political establishment is adamant about dragging Biden out to work for their political interest, so he can’t stop until they can squeeze everything they can out of him – kinda like Boxer the Horse in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Well, except Biden is perhaps less lovable than Boxer, and is also an alleged rapist. 

But I digress. This piece isn’t about Joe Biden. Rather, it’s about the mainstream media working against the public’s interest whereby their journalists fail to fulfill their function as the Fourth Estate.  

Travesty of Justice

On March 25, Katie Halper featured a guest on her podcast who came forward with accusations of sexual assault against Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Her name is Tara Reade and she alleges that, in 1993, Former Vice President Joe Biden (who was a senator at the time of the incident) viciously raped and then denigrated her after the attack. 

“You are nothing to me,” he said to Tara, who was a staff assistant for then-Senator Biden. He then brushed off the shock of her attack by saying, “You’re okay, you’re fine” as if what just happened was inconsequential and not worth brooding over. To the then-Senator, she was of no importance and thus wasn’t even worth any consideration. 

Crooked Journalism

Tara isn’t the only woman who claims she was sexually brutalized by Joe Biden. She is one of eight women who have come forward with their accounts of sexual assault against the former Vice President. Eight women had similar accusations of assault. Yet, in spite of their shocking revelation against the current Democratic presidential nominee, were we, the public, made aware of any of this by the media? I would say not, for I myself wasn’t informed of it until one of my friends, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, brought this to my attention.   

Tara Reade is one of eight women who have come forward with their accusations against the former Vice President. 

So where did their story go? What really happened here? Tara Reade’s account would have been a huge story. Why was her story suppressed, and if the story died, who buried it? I know what you’re thinking right now: “duh, shouldn’t it be obvious how the media is part of the cover-up,” and believe me, I innately know that too. 

But the unfortunate truth is, we’re still dependent on the mainstream media for breaking the news for us because we rely on the press for information. The public is still at the mercy of receiving information from mainstream media despite the open secret of how verifiably crookedly and corruptly the media establishment conducts their business. 

Self-Serving Hypocrites in the Media

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the news media is a business. It’s going to be very difficult for these giant media conglomerates to be profitable if they lose their insider access to celebrities and the political elites. 

If a journalist or an investigative reporter dares to break a story that angers the status quo, that journalist will be shunned and denied access to the inner sanctum of power for going against the narrative these elites want the public to hear. Hence, corporate and the higher-ups in the industry need their journalist minions to tow the party line and not ruffle any feathers, lest they risk losing access to the celebrities and elites. 

If journalists are more concerned with retaining their exclusive access to celebrities and politicians, doesn’t that mean they’re just doing public relations for these elites?

But think about that for a second, if journalists are more concerned with retaining their exclusive access to celebrities and politicians, then doesn’t that mean the journalists and reporters are just doing public relations for these elites? Since they’re more concerned with maintaining their special relationship with the elites, they’re essentially acting as a mouthpiece for what the politicians and celebrities want to tell you.

Rotten to the Core

So in light of all this, why wouldn’t the media cover the allegations of Joe Biden’s sexual assault? Why else would the media allow Alyssa Milano, the loudest spokesperson for the #MeToo movement, to get away with brazenly ignoring Tara Reade’s story? Whatever happened to her #BelieveAllWomen that has now changed to #BelieveWomen, where she has now conveniently omitted the “all” from her hashtag activism?

Celebrity hypocrisy and politician corruption isn’t something new. But the whole point of a free press is to serve the public. American society protects the rights of the press so they can conduct their duties as the Fourth Estate. The power a free society grants to the press isn’t supposed to be misused and abused to unethically manipulate public opinion through omission, misinformation, and outright deception on the behalf of the elites. 

The power a free society grants to the press isn’t supposed to be misused and abused to unethically manipulate public opinion on behalf of the elites. 

Closing Thoughts

Since most of the country is currently on lockdown, the impact the media has in shaping your opinion is even more powerful than you can imagine. Where before you might be able to gain access to multiple streams of news and information from the different people you met in person, now you’re reliant on the media for most of your information during this isolation. 

The uncomfortable truth you should be aware of is how a lot of the people working for the mainstream media are really more concerned with their own bottom line and career advancement than they are with telling you the truth. 

But fortunately for the public, there are still a number of journalists who have respect for the truth. These are the journalists who don’t engage in the deceptive handling of facts unlike their unethical colleagues who push the point of the elites to help reinforce the narrative of the establishment.  And we, the public, can gain access to these independent news sources thanks to the internet.