The Most Popular Women's Hairstyles Of 2020

By Noelle Ottinger··  2 min read
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hottest hairstyles 2020

Say goodbye to the typical straight and long manes that were popular before. These new takes on conventional styles are setting the trend for the decade, and we're in love!

Bobs are the Biggest Craze

As the 77th Golden Globes kicked off the start of a brand new year, a slew of edgy and modern takes to the classic bob hit the red carpet. Whether worn traditionally or with added flare—this ‘do is sure to stay. Stars such as Reese Witherspoon flipped out her pristine bob while Zoey Deutch wore hers slicked back for a sleeker version.

Tiffany Hadish donned a shorter adaptation to the look and teased it at the crown for added texture. Try her look with Redken’s Rough Paste for a dependable hold.

Wear It Long

"Lobs," or long bobs, are making a full-fledged appearance this year and are being sported with blunt edges. Try adding a bit of wave for a beachy feel.

Starlet Ana de Armas gave a new twist to the adored style as she wore her lob neatly pulled back into a pony. She spared no glamour when it came to showcasing the naturally sophisticated style!

Pixies: The Shorter the Better

Edgy yet refined, the pixie stands out with its bold yet feminine definition. Depending on how you want to style your pixie, this look is adaptable for staying in or venturing out to that new Italian bistro with your beau.

Zoe Kravitz’s take on the refined hairstyle inspires us to reach for the scissors—this Catwoman has officially achieved the “purrfect” look!


Packed full of layers and a variety of lengths, shags are making headway this year. When you think of shags you might picture Jennifer Aniston in the early episodes of Friends (I mean, does she ever look bad??), but the good news is, any hair texture can suit this look. Do you have naturally curly hair? You’re in luck. Shags are perfect for those of us blessed with curly locks due to the added layers.

Shake up the style with some fringe—add blunt or parted bangs to make every head turn your way.

Closing Thoughts

Ready to take the leap and venture into a new “hair-itory?” Make a fresh and daring statement to begin the new decade with these fun looks!

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