The Horror Movie Guys We’d Totally Want To Save Us

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The Horror Movie Guys We’d Totally Want To Save Us

Being a damsel in distress doesn’t sound too terrible when these guys are around to save the day.

‘Tis the season for watching copious amounts of horror movies, murder mysteries, or slasher flicks and getting totally spooked. Scary movies always make us stop and question: how realistic is this, anyway? Sometimes, the answer is not at all. But other times, it’s closer to reality than is comfortable for us to admit. Every woman out there has considered her chances of ever becoming the damsel in distress who needs to be saved – or is it just me?

Let’s say we did need to be saved – being whisked away to safety by one of the guys on this list wouldn’t be so bad! Read on for the horror movie guys we’d definitely want to save us.

David from Straw Dogs

david straw dogs sony pictures imdb

When David (James Marsden), an academic and writer, moves into a gorgeous home with his wife in her hometown, things don’t go as planned. It turns out the men he hired to work on their home have ulterior, evil motives and take advantage of his wife one day when David is gone. But despite having little physical strength to draw from, David successfully overpowers his opponents with the help of his wife – making him a guy we’d definitely want on our team.

Eric from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Eric from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning imdb

Two brothers embark on a long road trip with their girlfriends – sounds fun, right? Well, after they cross paths with a biker gang, the rest of their trip doesn’t go according to plan when one of the bikers kidnaps them. And while The Beginning doesn’t exactly have a feel-good ending, we can’t deny that Eric’s (Matt Bomer) courageous efforts to save his friends let us know he’s a guy we’d want protecting us from danger.

Nick from House of Wax

nick from House of Wax warner bros imdb

A group of teens on their way to a football game decides to stop and rest in the woods (what could go wrong?). Unfortunately, a killer spots them and decides to lure a few of them to a deserted town down the road. There, he talks them into visiting the House of Wax, a strange museum of wax figures. But when he attempts to kill them, Nick (Chad Michael Murray) hastily comes to the rescue of his friends, destroying the wax museum in the process to save any others from falling victim.

Detective Winn from Prom Night

Detective Winn from House of Wax imdb

Donna is a high schooler whose family was murdered a few years ago by a man who was dangerously obsessed with her. On prom night, her stalker escapes from prison and goes on the hunt for her. But luckily for Donna, Detective Winn (Idris Elba) is on the case. When Donna is alarmingly close to losing her life at the hand of her family’s murderer, Winn heroically comes to her rescue and recaptures our antagonist. Wouldn’t we all love for Winn to whisk us away to safety?

Ray from I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ray from I know what you did last summer imdb

A group of high schoolers accidentally hit and kill a man with their car one night. To avoid the repercussions, they dispose of his body and agree to never speak of the incident again. But a year later, one of them gets a startling note, reading: “I know what you did last summer!” While it takes Ray (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) a while to believe something isn’t right, once he does, he launches into protector mode, saving his friend from the man chasing her.

Tommy from Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Tommy from Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers imdb

Tommy (Paul Rudd) asks the question we all do: why does Michael Myers murder? He’s become captivated with finding the answer to this question. Most likely, it’s this curiosity that helps him outwit and defeat Michael Myers after being captured with a group of his neighbors. Plus, who wouldn’t want Paul Rudd defending them from evil?

Chris from Get Out

Chris from Get Out imdb

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is understandably nervous on his way to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. After all, she comes from a white, incredibly privileged family – which is totally foreign to Chris. And after her parents make their sinister intentions clear, he has no choice but to escape their home as quickly as possible. Thankfully, he’s able to outsmart them and work swiftly to make a successful escape. I’d undoubtedly want Chris to save me from harm’s way.

Ed from The Conjuring

Ed from The Conjuring imdb

It’s 1970, and Ed (Patrick Wilson) is a paranormal specialist who works closely with his wife, Lorraine, to assist people who suspect there to be a malevolent presence lurking in their home. When Ed is called to investigate a home a family had just moved into, things get spooky very quickly. But what makes Ed the kind of man you’d love to save you is his beautifully committed relationship with his wife, his protectiveness, and his endless bravery in the face of the unknown. 

Lee from A Quiet Place

Lee from A Quiet Place imdb

The world has been overtaken by horrifying monsters who hunt solely through sound, which means making any noise at all puts your life at risk. But even with impossible living conditions, Lee (John Krasinski) selflessly and valiantly works to keep his wife and children safe and well, taking any measure necessary – even to the point of sacrificing himself. Lee is the perfect man to come to our rescue.

Closing Thoughts

You’ve got to love a horror flick that showcases a noble, brave man. Which of these guys would you want to save you?

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