The Hallmark Channel Is Super Mom-Friendly And We Love It

Warm and squishy movies are a trademark of Hallmark. They offer family-friendly entertainment that’s uplifting and fun. But it’s not just the stories that make moms smile; the movie sets are as family friendly as the scripts. That makes all the difference for actresses who have a bigger role to play offscreen with their children.

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 min read
The Hallmark Channel Is Super Mom-Friendly And We Love It

Starting a Family Gains Full Support

Not all movie sets are created equal. Plenty of actresses open up about the demands of balancing family with work and how difficult that can be. Thankfully Hallmark productions stand by their values. They not only support women’s ability to work through motherhood, but they also support actresses who are ready to enter motherhood. 

Hallmark actress Lacey Chabert (best known for her role as Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls) and her husband became parents in 2016, and she worked through her pregnancy and afterward without conflict. She told Glamour magazine, “I did a movie when I was seven months pregnant, and they hid me behind Christmas trees and presents.” 

When further detailing work after welcoming her daughter into the world, she went on, “I went back to work right after the baby, and they allowed me to have the baby on set and travel with my family. They’ve been very supportive. My experience with them has been very special. They’ve supported all the chapters in my own life.”

Having a welcoming atmosphere that understands a mother’s need to be with her children reflects the caring nature of Hallmark productions. It just adds that extra touch that keeps actresses coming back. 

Honoring the Bonds of Family

Accommodating new mothers is important, and that’s just the beginning. Set schedules can get tight and “time is money,” but Hallmark producers understand that some things are more valuable. 

The happiness of the cast and their connection to their children are at the forefront of the company’s values. Actress Rachael Leigh Cook told ET about her desire to work for Hallmark being driven by the need to “live emotionally” and to “tell stories that remind people that there is real magic in the world.”

When describing just how magical it is working for Hallmark, she noted a small gesture that made a big difference on her second day on set: “I hadn't been able to get my kids on FaceTime. I remember, I finally got them on FaceTime, just as we were coming back from the scheduled lunch break, and I had just started to see their cute little faces for about a second when a production assistant came up to me and said, ‘Hey Rachael, I'm sorry. We're back from lunch. We need to get you into hair and makeup right away. We're in a rush.’ The producer turned to the PA and said, ‘No. We can wait. She's talking to her kids.’ And they knew that my being happy was so directly tied to being able to speak to them and to see them that one time that day. They knew that it was important. They really put their money where their mouth is when you talk about being a family-friendly network.”

The Appeal of Work That’s Made for Everyone

Another aspect of Hallmark movies that draws actresses in is the universal themes and how they promote families of all kinds. Alexa PenaVega admitted that appeal, but also the company’s willingness to help her and her husband Carlos be together. 

“Carlos and I want to be able to do films that our families are proud of and everybody can watch," she says. "They just feel good, and Hallmark has been that place for us. They're all about family, and they want to keep [me and Carlos] working together. They really do walk the walk. That’s what separates them from other networks.”

In addition, PenaVega also discussed how Hallmark’s content has continued to represent the best of all of us. “For me and Carlos, our faith is number one. We both have very large families, so we want to do films that our families are proud of and everybody can watch. Hallmark has been that place for us. I've really enjoyed watching the quality of their content evolve over these last couple years. What’s really cool is watching Hallmark grow in diversity. You’re seeing a lot more Hispanics on the network, a lot more African Americans. I think it’s just opening a new door, which is fun to watch in this industry as a whole.”

Uplifting Onscreen and Off

Hallmark actresses are regulars. They return to offer more wholesome roles, proudly displaying their support of these feel-good films and the atmospheres they create during and after shooting. 

A fan-favorite, Candace Cameron Bure has starred in 10 Hallmark movies and their Aurora Teagarden Mysteries series. She recently opened up about feeling conflicted promoting her work despite all the problems that exist across the globe right now. In August, she posted a message about it to her Instagram story, stating, “Hey there, I’m popping on in person because there’s so much heaviness on my heart with what’s going on in Afghanistan and Haiti. The vaccine. All the division and hate. I’m just praying and my heart is heavy. And at the same time I have a job and I have a movie coming out on Sunday, and I know this sounds like an awkward transition, but you’re going to see my feed all full of promotional stuff. So, I just wanted to come on here and say, it’s just weird because we all have to work and do our job and that’s part of my job. At the same time, it feels odd promoting stuff with such heaviness going on in the world.”

She then added, “I still want my feed to always be a happy place that you can come and kind of get a break from the world.” Her heartfelt messages perfectly sum up the caring nature of Hallmark and its actresses.

Closing Thoughts   

Hallmark movies are created with love and respect. Offering understanding and kindness behind the scenes sets them apart from other production companies. Instead of just working to offer fans entertainment, they go above and beyond to grant actresses family-friendly working spaces which embody everything we have come to appreciate about their films.

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