The Best Valentine's Day Nail Ideas For A Polished Look

Valentine's Day is known for a few traditions: red roses, chocolates, champagne, extravagant dinner plans, and manicured nails with mini-heart designs all over them.

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And if heart nails are not your thing, that's perfectly all right, because we've got a whole list of options no matter what your nail style!

Whether you've already booked the appointment with your nail tech or are looking for a simple, elegant color you can do at home, we've got you covered. Completing your gorgeous, polished outfit for whatever your V-Day plans are will entail an equally elevated manicure.

We're talking about eye-catching hues of pastel blues and lilacs, glossy marshmallow pink, and bold variations of reds that are appropriate for the occasion without feeling like we're trying too hard.

The Prettiest Designs If You're Hitting the Salon

You'll be swooning over these designs. From glitzy to playful, you'll find an idea no matter what your plans are for the evening.

Hot Pink Hearts

Just a Kiss

The Comme des Garçons

Neon Hearts

Red-Dipped Nails

The Non-Traditional

The Minimalist

Bouquet of Roses

Marble Swirls

French with a Twist

The Prettiest Colors for Your At-Home Mani

Below are 10 of the most fabulous Valentine's Day nail color ideas we currently have on our "to paint ASAP" list.

The Classic Red

A classic wash of red is perfectly chic all year round, but it's adorable and appropriate for Valentine's Day dates. Plus, it's probably one of the most universally flattering shades you can wear on your nails, no questions asked.

Dior nail polish in “Poppy” is a cult favorite bold red, and it's guaranteed to stay chip-free and glossy for at least one whole week.

“Poppy” by Dior, $29

Juicy Berry

A gorgeous fairytale berry is definitely a color that will give off a dark and moody vibe while still being appropriate for one of the coldest days of the year.

It's less expected than regular reds and pinks, and it looks good on all skin tones. It will also look gorgeous paired with anything from a classy black dress to a stylish white blazer.

Essie's “Berry Naughty Remixed” might just be the color you need to spice up your Valentine's Day look.

“Berry Naughty Remixed” by Essie, $9

Red Satin

Red satin is somewhat of a muted shade on the red spectrum that still feels festive and appropriate for a Valentine's Day date, but it's also dainty and lovely for daily wear.

It's definitely a subtler option if a flaming red isn't really your vibe, and Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel in the shade “Proper P-Rose” is a good one to check out.

“Proper P-Rose” by Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, $8

Dreamy Mauve

A light, dreamy mauve is one of those super complimentary polish shades that works with every skin tone and will look great with pretty much anything you decide to wear.

This is why you can't go wrong with a classic dreamy mauve manicure for your V-Day. Opt for a polish that's extra rich and glossy, such as the Dior Vernis in “Grace,” to really take your nails to the next level.

“Grace” by Dior Vernis, $28

Marshmallow Pink

Marshmallow pink might be one of the most predictable polish shades, but it's also one that you really can't go wrong with, especially on such an important date.

This shade is universally flattering, looks great with a variety of outfit designs and colors, and we just can't recommend it enough.

Gucci polish in “Ellen Blush” is one of the most beautiful marshmallow pinks out there!

“Ellen Blush” by Gucci Vernis à Ongles, $30

Coconut Creme

Coconut creme is another excellent option for V-Day's dates as this opaque shade of white gives the perfect neutral finish for all the queens that are happy with just a little bit of something-something.

Indigo Gel Polish in the “Coconut Milk” shade is definitely a shade you'd reach for when you want something subtle yet incredibly cute.

“Coconut milk” by Indigo Nails Lab, $13


Lavender-gray is a stunning color with a purple-toned neutral finish that would work perfectly with a neutral or cool-toned outfit for your Valentine's Day date. It looks feminine, dainty, and great on all skin tones.

Cirque Colors in “Deco” is the perfect lavender-gray with a smooth, creamy finish that gives long-lasting wear.

“Deco” by Cirque Colors, $13

Pastel Lilac

This cool purple manages to be a bright and a pastel at the same time, and it looks incredible on both dark and light skin tones.

To get the same glossy look as the above, start with a layer of Cirque Colors nail polish in “A Fiori.”

“A Fiori” by Cirque Colors, $13

Pink Cream

Pink cream is definitely the most dainty, feminine, and gentle polish color on this list, so if these are the words that describe you and your style, look no further than J.Hanna's beautiful and muted nail polish in the shade “Agnes.”

“Agnes” by J. Hanna, $19

Blue Nude

Blue nude or pastel blue is another soft color that looks very pretty on all skin tones and pairs exceptionally well with silver jewelry. It's feminine, gentle, and would definitely be a great addition to your Valentine's Day style.

Nails Inc. in the shade “Clean to the Core” has arguably one of the prettiest blue nudes out there.

“Clean to the Core” by Nails Inc., $10

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