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The Best Red Lipsticks For The Holidays

By Nicole Andre·· 1 min read

A dog might be a man’s best friend, but red lipstick is a woman’s.

Red lipstick is a classic choice and one that every woman should try at least once. That said, there are also a lot of ways it can go wrong, which means applying it correctly is key. A really good red makes all the difference. If you aren’t a believer in a good red lipstick yet, try one of these classic shades.

red-carpet-red-lipshot Charlottle Tilbury

A True Red: Charlotte Tilbury "Red Carpet Red"

Charlotte Tilbury products almost never disappoint! The formulation is great, and “Red Carpet Red” is a classic red that will be perfect for your holiday parties or just a pick-me-up to head to the grocery store. It takes some getting used to, but a classic red can easily become a signature color. (Charlotte Tilbury, $34)

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MAC ruby woo lipstick

Channel Taylor Swift with This MAC Lipstick in “Ruby Woo”

Remember when red lipstick was Swift's signature? Well, she cited this red lipstick as being one of her favorites.

“Ruby Woo” is just a classic shade that’s been around forever for a reason. It’s amazing! I personally own this one and love it. This one is a really bright red. And, as if it couldn’t get better, it’s not all too much more expensive than drugstore makeup, so it won’t break the bank. It does have a lot of blue in it, so it would be the perfect red lipstick for someone with a cool skin undertone. (Nordstrom, $19)

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MAC lady danger ulta

A Lipstick for Warm Undertones: MAC in “Lady Danger”

Here’s another MAC lipstick, but the orange in the shade “Lady Danger” means it’s better for warm undertones than the very blue-red. There’s a red for everyone, I promise! But not every red works for everyone. If you have a cool undertone, I would definitely try to get a sample before trying any kind of coral tone. (Ulta, $12 for the mini)

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lancome sienna ultime neiman marcus

A Hydrating Lipstick: Lancôme in “Sienna Ultime”

This lipstick is definitely another that’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re looking for a lipstick that will keep your lips hydrated (hard to come by in a red), then this Lancôme one in “Sienna Ultime” is perfect for you. Your lips will thank you later! After all, no red looks good over chapped lips. For tips on how to avoid that with lipsticks that aren’t as hydrating, you can read my other article. (Neiman Marcus, $32)

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loreal doesnt matter

Great Drugstore Red Lipstick: L’Oréal in “Doesn’t Matte-R”

Who says you can’t find good makeup at the drugstore? This L’Oréal red lipstick in the color “Doesn’t Matte-R” has great reviews for a reason. The color is really rich, and it has a creamy texture you’re sure to love. (Ulta, $11)

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colourpop bit o sunny ulta

Liquid Lipstick: ColourPop in “Bit O Sunny”

A tube of lipstick just ain’t your style? This liquid lipstick in the shade “Bit O Sunny” is a bright cherry red that’s sure to please. ColourPop products are amazing. This will last you a long time as the liquid formula for ColourPop is meant to be long lasting. And since it’s formulated not to transfer, it’s a great choice for dinner. You won’t have to fear leaving a mark on the glass! (Ulta, $7)

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dior rise

A Red That’s High Shine: Dior’s Lip Addict in “Dior Rise”

Who says the only way to do red is lipstick? If you want something that’s a little less bold and more playful, lip gloss is the way to go. Treat yourself to Dior’s Lip Addict in the shade “Dior Rise.” It’s a classic formula for a reason, and with a gloss this fun, you might find it becomes a staple in your makeup arsenal. (Dior, $30)

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givenchy red lipstick 333

Pretty Lipstick with Just As Pretty Packaging: Givenchy Shade 333

This Givenchy red lipstick is in the prettiest color with packaging just as pretty. I mean, how cute would this be to have in your bag? It’s from their Valentine's Day collection, and the red hearts will add an extra touch of romance to your choice of red on a night out. For future reference, it’s shade 333. (Neiman Marcus, $38)

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Great Lipstick and a Great Deal: Blitztrance in “Blood Rush”

Pat McGrath is a brilliant makeup artist, and all her products are super well formulated. This one in “Blood Rush” happens to be on sale currently. Hopefully that remains true when you’re reading this because it’s a sweet deal! But either way, this is a great choice for a red lipstick. (Pat McGrath, normally $30)

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maybelline pioneer target

Long Lasting Red Color: Maybelline in “Pioneer”

Being able to pick it up at Target isn’t where this product's merits end. The shade “Pioneer” is a pretty red that will last for up to 16 hours. To add a little shine, just throw a clear lip gloss on over top after it dries. (Target, $8)

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