The Best Red Carpet Looks For Holiday Outfit Inspo

By Nicole Andre
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Stars, they’re just like us! Okay, so maybe not, but some of their red carpet looks are actually pretty great holiday outfit inspiration.

The holiday season offers so many occasions to dress up, and you can get away with wearing colors and things you couldn’t at any other time of year. It’s a time to really have fun with fashion, so why not take a cue from celebs on the red carpet to do just that? Many of their gowns can be found in mid-length dresses that are a lot more wearable, but you still get a lot of the glitz from the idea behind the dress.

So get ready for the cameras to be flashing because with inspiration like this for your holiday outfits, trust me, you’ll want to have plenty of photos taken.

Feathers and Silk

How gorgeous does Shay Mitchell look in this emerald number? Trust me when I tell you that the gown the Pretty Little Liars star wore last year is still very much on trend today. The emerald color is perfect for the holidays, and the feathers just add that extra touch of glamour. Feathers have also been very in lately, so it’s definitely a trendy choice. At the same time, they evoke so much Old Hollywood glamour that you just can’t go wrong.

Rich Burgundy and Ruffles

Rich colors are always in style during the fall and winter. Personally, I think it could be fun to go all out and double down on the rich shades by going for a berry lip. Lisa Eldridge offers some really great advice on avoiding looking too harsh with a darker lip color, which can be one of the more daunting parts of wearing one. If that feels like too many dark colors happening for one look, a mauve color like Zendaya wore works really well also. 

Old Hollywood Gold

This might be my personal favorite out of all the gowns. Partly because I love Blake Lively, but also just because how do you top this dress? It’s stunning! The rose gold color, the shimmer, her hair, her lipstick, all of it. The retro aspect of her look was giving me so many Age of Adeline vibes.

Old Hollywood Pink

Taylor Hill had a gorgeous take on a similar concept, and I love the incorporation of feathers. They seem to be one of the few clothing accessories that become trendy from time to time, yet are in some way always a timeless choice anyway. Wear a dress like this with feathers and a crystal necklace, and you’ll be golden!

Go Bold and Red

I did another article on Lily Collins’ great style, and her head to toe red look is certainly no exception. Red is a pretty obvious choice for a holiday outfit, but that’s not without good reason. It works! Sometimes not thinking so much about it and just going for the red dress is the way to go. I also like the idea of leaving your lips more muted like Lily did here when the rest of your look is so bold. The sparkle gives the dress a playfulness that makes it more youthful, but the overall concept can be tailored to any age.

Slinky Black and Feathers

This to me is the epitome of a femme fatale look. Again with the feathers, I’m telling you they’re always a great look for some added glamour! Black is one of the most classic ways to do it. You can always just go for a velvet headband like Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk did for the Revolve carpet. And if you happen to have an especially dressy occasion, a diamond necklace is never a bad choice. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend after all!

Stun in Emerald Green

Seeing as Zendaya is never not on the best-dressed lists for red carpets, it’s no surprise she’s on here twice. But, I mean, what can I say? The girl knows how to dress, and an emerald green dress in a satin fabric is perfect for the holidays.

Strapless Black Velvet

And from emerald green velvet to black velvet, you really can’t go wrong with this soft fabric for the holidays. For an ode to Grace Kelly, be sure to add a black velvet headband like she did. Also, take note of the different diamond and crystal accessories a lot of these stars are wearing. It’s a really classic way to accessorize a dress, especially during the holiday season.

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