The Best Mystery Shows To Watch If You're Craving More “Only Murders In The Building”

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The Best Mystery Shows To Watch If You're Craving More “Only Murders In The Building” hulu

Wondering what else can satisfy your mystery hankering now that the first season of “Only Murders in the Building” has come to a close? Read on!

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t love Only Murders in the Building. Each week, millions would tune in ready to giggle at whatever Martin Short said, or to ooh and aah over Selena Gomez’s wardrobe, or to finally find out who killed Tim Kono.

Despite its popularity, Only Murders didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel – it just gave fans of mystery exactly what they always want: trustworthy protagonists, shining comedic moments, and plenty of intrigue. But for now, Only Murders has run its course, until we’re rewarded with a new season. But what are we to watch until then?

Knives Out

We follow along as Detective Benoit Blanc uncovers the reason behind the puzzling death of Harlan Thrombey, a well-known, elderly novelist. With a cast full of hilariously unlikeable characters (portrayed by brilliant actors), each new twist and turn will leave you questioning your prediction and chuckling all the while.


David Suchet masterfully portrays Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective (created by the queen of mystery, Agatha Christie) who is as peculiar and prim as he is sharp and intelligent. Many of the episodes (and there are many), outline one of Christie’s books and take audiences along for the ride as Poirot solves a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. 


This wildly funny series tells the story of Shawn Spencer, a guy who’s found himself in a particularly sticky situation and solves it by pretending he’s a psychic – and thanks to his detective father, he’s been taught to observe and remember the smallest of details. From there, he continues to leave everyone in awe of his “abilities” as he keeps up his psychic charade to solve mysteries.

Bored to Death

Jonathan’s life feels like it’s falling apart – he got dumped by his girlfriend, his career as a novelist isn’t going well, and he’s definitely an alcoholic. In order to reawaken and inspire his writer’s mind, he puts up an ad on Craigslist claiming to be a private investigator. Soon enough, clients start pouring in and Jonathan is helping strangers sift through their problems.

Search Party

When Dory’s former college classmate, Chantal, goes missing, she becomes oddly obsessed with the case and recruits her hilarious friends to help her locate Chantal. Chock-full of Millennial humor and plenty of mystery, Search Party is bound to have you laughing out loud one second and left with your jaw on the floor the next.


This brilliant Scottish crime series centers around Jimmy Perez, an inspector who works tirelessly to solve countless crimes and keep Shetland safe. While it’s certainly a bit more serious than other recommendations on this list, Shetland’s strikingly beautiful setting and incredible storytelling make it well worth the watch.

Locke & Key

After the murder of their father, three children move into his old family home in Massachusetts with their mother. Soon enough, the children start finding keys hidden throughout the house – but they aren’t just any old keys, they’re magical keys that hold unique powers. We quickly discover that the house also hosts a wicked presence with its own intentions.

Murder, She Wrote

With a whopping 264 episodes, this one will keep you busy for a while. Set in a tiny, picturesque town in Maine, Jessica Fletcher is a famed mystery writer whose mind for puzzles helps her solve murders in town – even murders that had stumped the actual investigators on the case. 

Alta Mar / High Seas

It’s the late 1940s, and two sisters whose father just died are aboard a luxury cruise ship as they travel across the Atlantic. But after a stowaway finds her way on board, strange occurrences and unexplained deaths begin to plague the ship. Plus, the costumes are to die for!

Midsomer Murders

This wonderfully long-running series boasts plenty of episodes to binge. We follow along as detectives in a small, wealthy, charmingly British county investigate whatever crimes come their way. Pairs just perfectly with a strong cuppa and crumpets.

Pushing Daisies

Despite its short run, Pushing Daisies is worth the watch. Ned is a young man with an odd power – he’s able to revive the dead just by touching them, and with just one more touch send them back to their eternal sleep. This proves to be enormously helpful for the purpose of solving murders, wouldn’t you say? But things get sticky when one of Ned’s subjects is someone he wants to keep alive.

The Bletchley Circle

This dazzling period-piece has the audience come along for the ride as four women who worked as codebreakers during World War II reunite in order to piece together the unsolved murders of two women. We came for the fashion, but stayed for the storyline.

Closing Thoughts

We were all sorry to see the last of Only Murders in the Building for a while, but these mysteries will undoubtedly keep us busy in the meantime!

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