The Best Date Night-In Ideas

Valentine's Day is usually the second busiest day of the year for restaurants, but that will probably be different this year. Luckily, a memorable date night doesn’t have to include dinner at a fancy restaurant, a night on the town, or tickets to a show. Good (and romantic) memories can be made in the comfort of your own home.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
The Best Night-In Date Ideas

Before the days of lockdowns and COVID, my husband and I made sure to plan a fun date night every week. We might catch a movie, go to a comedy show, find a new sushi place, window shop, or hang out at our favorite Irish dive bar for sandwiches and drinks. And then, everything shut down.

For a while, date night was forgotten about. But as months flew by, we found ourselves hoping and wishing for anything to open back up. But with much of normal life still out of our reach, it became clear that date night could and should still happen, right in the comfort of our home.

A date night-in might sound uneventful or pointless, especially for Valentine's Day, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ways you and your guy can still have fun without having to leave the house.

Dress Up for a Fancy Dinner

We tend to think of going out as the only time worth putting on makeup or getting gussied up, but honestly, I just miss putting on a dress, doing my hair, and trying a new eyeliner look before trying out a new restaurant in the city — and who’s to say we can’t do some of that at home? Get dressed up, feel pretty, cook something you’ve never made before, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy a candlelit dinner with the one you love, complete with soft, romantic music.

Plan a Spa Night

Don’t we all need as much relaxation as possible? With all the craziness going on in the world, and likely our personal lives, we almost need to schedule time to take a breath and enjoy some peace and quiet — and how fun would it be to do that with our significant other? Enjoy some champagne, cozy up in your robe, put on a couple face masks, and maybe even offer him a massage!

Make Movie Night Special

Going to the movies used to be a normal part of my week; the overpowering smell of buttery popcorn, the huge, dark theatre, and the excitement of seeing a new film were things I’d look forward to all week. Of course, theatres are still closed in many areas of the country, so why not do our best to relive the theatre-going experience at home? Stock up on your favorite theatre candy and popcorn, turn off all the lights, get cozy on the couch, and pop on a movie you’ve never seen before.

Try Something New Together

Everyone I know has been picking up new hobbies, whether it be knitting, gardening, or bird watching. Trying out a new hobby with our guy won’t just give us something to do for a date night, it’ll bring us closer to him. Sign up for a virtual dance class together, attempt to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial, or bake a batch of decadent cupcakes together.

Have a Romantic Picnic in Your Living Room

If getting the kitchen dirty isn’t your idea of a fun date night, there’s no better way to have a memorable meal while keeping cleanup to a minimum than setting up a picnic right in your living room. Grab some funky cheese at the store, a fresh loaf of bread, some sliced meat, and some fruit and whipped cream for dessert. To make it extra romantic, light some candles and bring out a bottle of wine you’ve never tried before.

Make It a Game Night

Games aren’t just for big parties or friend groups! For a more lively night in, why not play a few rounds of a two person game like chess, checkers, Go Fish, or Scrabble (or one of many, many more)? Or you could have a competition to see who can complete a puzzle faster, or even try your hand at playing one of his favorite video games.

Read a Story Together

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time in our chaotic days to sit down and crack open a book, so what better way to make sure we get some good reading time in than making it a fun and memorable part of our date night? Take turns reading a new book aloud to each other, or revisit your fondest childhood memories by reading through one of your favorite stories.

Closing Thoughts

Valentine's Day and our regular date nights don’t have to be out on the town in order to be enjoyable, meaningful, and bring us closer to our significant other. While going out for a fancy meal or catching a movie will never go out of style, it’s nice to not have to rely on going out to have a good, romantic time together.