The Benefits Of Marrying Young

      By Mary Mayor·· 2 min read

      When we live in a society where people think there are so many options out there, it can be hard to make the big life decision to settle down. With so many options and ways to swipe, connect, poke, and DM, it can be hard to zero in and finally just pick one person to commit to.

      There are so many benefits of being with your best friend every day. Here are just some of the benefits of marrying young:

      Grow with your spouse

      You are truly on the journey of firsts with them: the first new city after college, first apartment together, first house, first baby, etc. There is something special about sharing struggles and triumphs together as you figure out adulthood and parenting. Growing pains can make the best memories.

      Growing pains can make the best memories.

      You actually have a different kind of freedom

      Once I locked down my husband, I thought to my self, “Shoot, what else am I supposed to do now?” I had the freedom and motivation to focus on exploring a new industry (legal field) and focus on training for a marathon as well as the freedom to meet new friends. Most importantly I knew that no matter what happened, I always had someone who was waiting for me at home. Sometimes people say they want to figure things out and settle down before finding someone, but once you find the right person, you can be set free while also having stability.

      Better chances of healthy children

      Your fertility is at its peak before you turn thirty and you also have the most eggs than you will ever have. This is not to say that there is no chance of children when you are older, mainly because more than age is a factor of infertility. The younger you are though, the more likely you are to be resilient and heal from childbirth while also having enough energy to keep up with your kids.

      Save money and the earth

      By being married and having a unified mission, you can make informed financial decisions together and share property together. You can have your bank accounts merge to meet financial goals and obligations and help with accountability in making responsible financial choices. By living together, you only have to pay for one living space instead of having to pay for separate locations and share more than a living area.


      You do not have to be committed to one place—just each other. While you’re young, you can pick up on a moment’s notice and move to a different part of the earth because you have an instant partner and travel companion in your spouse. Chances are when you are older and meet your spouse, you acquire more assets and habits, but you may be in a routine. When you're stuck in your ways, you can have a tendency to have less of an ability to adapt and let things go.

      When you're stuck in your ways, you can have a tendency to have less of an ability to adapt and let things go.

      Getting married young may make people think you are naïve and missing out on opportunities, but you can genuinely thrive being married young.