“The Bachelorette” Episode 5 Recap: Finding Love in Scotland

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Episode 5 opened with a recap of the Luke vs. Luke drama and continued with the cocktail night that left us all hanging on the edge of our seats last week. On deck: more drama, more tears, and more feelings. Who’s here for the right reasons? Who knows?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 5 Recap

In a continuation of last week’s cocktail party, Hannah asks the Lukes to speak privately because they clearly told two completely different stories when she met with them one-on-one. She sat them down and made them talk it out.

Luke P. started by saying he didn’t believe Luke S. was there for the right reasons, and Luke S. denied the claim. An upset Hannah left the boys to duke it out on their own and get some space to clear her head.

The cocktail party was cut short, and a rose ceremony surprised everyone, upsetting those who didn’t get the chance to speak with Hannah and tell her how they felt. In a shocking twist, Luke S. ends up sending himself home. Who else didn’t make the cut: John Paul Jones and Matteo.

And they’re off to Ireland!

One-on-one: Mike (Portfolio Manager from San Antonio, Texas)

Mike and Hannah took a stroll through the streets of Scotland stopping in bookstores and exploring Olde Sweet Shoppe. They tried a sour candy called, “The Black Death,” and they’re pucker faces rivaled those of a baby trying a lemon for the first time.

They visited a bar where they tried a few whiskey samples, leaving with a little more swag in their steps. In true Scottish fashion, they tried Haggis. If you want to know what it is, Google it. Hannah talks about how important it is to not only being able to have serious conversations but to also laugh with each other. And I have to say, I agree.

The dinner portion of the date is always time for a serious conversation. Hannah opened up and said she spent time alone, learning about herself, and that’s why she knows she’s ready for marriage.

Mike sheds a few tears opening up to Hannah.

Break – The show cuts to the group back at the house, and Luke P. admits that he doesn’t know that he belongs at the house or with Hannah and is excited about his one-on-one, so he can figure out what his feelings are.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming – Mike continues opening up to Hannah talking about being in the army and past relationships and heartbreak. It’s pretty heartwarming to see him being completely honest. He gets the rose, so we’ll be seeing more of Mike and his priceless reactions next week.

Group Date:

Connor, Devin, Dustin, Dylan, Garrett, Grant, Jed, Kevin, Peter, and Tyler C.

Most of the guys are expecting a drama free group date with Luke P. out of the picture, and this date looks awesome. Very Brave or Braveheart depending on who you are.

They played Highland games and practiced their ax throwing (which Hannah was the best at), goat milk racing (not the real name), and Scottish wrestling that didn’t end with anyone hurt.

giphy (1)

Back at the house, Mike confronts Luke P. and even calls him the Lockness Monster. Which, if I’m being honest, is a little unfair because Nessie is adorable.

The Highland games continue with the men in kilts. The men played well and had a blast. Jed ended up pouring milk over himself after winning a race, and none of the wrestling matches turned violent. Jed won the overall tournament receiving a square foot of land and becoming a Lord.

Jed won the overall tournament receiving a square foot of land and becoming a Lord.

During the cocktail hour, Hannah gets to focus on each individual relationship without the drama of Luke P. taking up anyone else’s time.

Cue Mike and Luke P. sitting awkwardly in silence waiting for the date card

At the end of the evening, Jed received the group date rose. I’m definitely rooting for him!

One-on-one: Luke P.

Hannah met Luke P. (Import/Export Manager from Gainesville, Georgia) in the Scottish countryside to talk through all of the issues and red flags she has seen over the last few weeks. They sit at beautiful castle ruins and hash it out.


Luke P. feels the need to defend himself because it’s obvious everyone in the house has an issue with him, but he fails when his defense sounds boastful and full of himself. Hannah takes the initiative and digs deeper into who Luke P. is and how he truly feels, but he has trouble communicating his emotions.

Luke P. fails when his defense sounds boastful and full of himself.

After a few breaks and Hannah talking to production, Luke P. finally opened up at dinner and told Hannah that he has had a hard time in the house because the other guys in the house were telling lies about him and he didn’t feel like he had gotten to know the real Hannah.

They continued their conversation, but it’s clear Hannah was still on the fence about giving Luke P. a rose if he was having so much trouble opening up to her, especially when she was being so real with him.

Before the show cut to scenes for next week, Hannah told Luke P. that she can’t give Luke P. a rose.

The Rose Ceremony

I guess we’ll see next week...

What’s next?

We were left on another cliffhanger, and honestly, next week looks like the most dramatic episode yet. The rose ceremony is filled with tears and fighting and guys throwing each other under the bus. I, for one, hope that Hannah makes it out in one piece with her heart intact.

My guess for the final four: Still Peter, Garrett, Jed, and Tyler C.

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