The 7 Best Workout Studios To Go To Before Your Wedding

By Amanda Lauren··  4 min read
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The 7 Best Workouts to Do For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but getting in shape before the big day doesn't have to be.

Whether you need to make sure your gown fits, or you simply want to look and feel your best walking down the aisle, here are seven of the best workout studios for brides. No matter where you live, how much time you have or don't, there's a studio on this list you can easily say "I do" to.

1. Orangetheory

With approximately 1,000 locations throughout the U.S. as well as internationally, Orangetheroy is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout that has been hitting it big everywhere. This hour-long class will push you to your limits with a combination of strength training and cardio designed to increase both your energy and your metabolism.

Orangetheory is unique because it really forces you to work your hardest. Every participant wears a monitor with the goal of getting your heart rate into the "Orange Zone," or 84-91% of the maximum rate. In addition to the personal monitor, everyone's stats are displayed to the class, making it perfect for the intensely competitive bride.

Every participant wears a monitor with the goal of getting your heart rate into the "Orange Zone," or 84-91% of the maximum rate.

2. Pilates

Don't be fooled, Pilates doesn't always get the credit it still deserves for being an intense, challenging workout. It has a nearly endless list of benefits, including strengthening the muscles throughout your body and especially your core. Pilates can be done on its own or along with your other workouts to make them even more effective. Strengthening your core also helps prevent injury.

Check out your local studio or any Club Pilates studio nationwide.

3. Aerospace NYC

Adriana Lima swears by Aerospace NYC to get her ready for the Victoria's Secret fashion show. This hour-long class features a combination of jump roping, shadow boxing, and muscle endurance exercises. Every class is estimated to burn 1,500 calories, and you will sweat buckets! So if you need to lose a lot of weight to feel your best on the big day, try Aerospace.

Every class is estimated to burn 1,500 calories.

4. Pvolve

Founded by Stephen Pasterino, Pvolve uses unique equipment as well as slow and controlled movements to work the entire body in a way that other fitness programs miss. The studio is located in New York City, but streaming content is available on both the Pvolve App as well as their website. So, if you travel a lot or have a challenging schedule, it's a great way to get a tough workout in whenever you can.

5. Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson is known for sculpting some of the best celebrity bodies including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. The "method" is a combination of dance cardio and toning moves. While this might sound easy, it's anything but! So, prepare to sweat! Classes are taught in person at studios in both New York and Los Angeles, which have heated rooms for extra intensity. A streaming program is also available.

The "method" is a combination of dance cardio and toning moves.

6. Rise Nation

Who knew the Versaclimber that was never used at your college gym was such a secret weapon? Perfect for busy brides, this 30-minute workout is all you need to get your full body in shape. With upbeat playlists and enthusiastic instructors who will motivate you to do your best, Rise Nation is just as fun as it is challenging. This studio has locations in Los Angeles, Cleveland, Miami, and Dallas.

7. Pure Barre

Pure Barre might not seem intimidating, but you'll be feeling the burn in class! Results come pretty quickly, which will motivate you to go back. It's a great choice if you want to add extra muscle tone without the bulk during the final weeks before the wedding. With locations all over the country, it's easy to find a studio near you, but streaming classes are also available. Many studios even have special packages for brides!

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