The 11 Worst Red Carpet Dresses From The 2022 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards happened last weekend, and while there were some good red carpet looks, there were some truly awful ones too. These were the worst of the worst.

By Nicole Andre2 min read
megan fox billboard music awards worst dressed

Billboard is a media publication that covers the music industry and has charts that rank the popularity of music at any given moment. Their awards show has been held annually since 1990, and this year’s event was last Sunday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

As per usual, there were some great looks on the red carpet, but also some we wish we could unsee. These were the worst of the night.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s drab superhero suit turned dress, designed by Balmain, is one thing. But what's with Stormi's one-shoulder dress? She's 4, not 24.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

These two really do continue to outdo themselves. Maybe Megan’s over the top sleeves, designed by David Koma, and heavy eye makeup would have worked out, but unfortunately her fiancé sealed the deal for their placement on the worst dressed list by wearing spikes, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana. But hey, we expect nothing less from two people who drink each other’s blood. 

Doja Cat

I’m sorry, what? Setting the tacky choice to wear a topless dress aside, we can’t figure out what is happening with the rest of the dress, designed by Schiaparelli. Is it supposed to be shaped like a black cat? Because between the two spikes on top and the tulle coming out behind her like a tail, we can’t think of what else they were going for here.

Dove Cameron

It’s as if everyone at the Billboard Music Awards planned these dreadfully trashy outfits. If this dress from Ashlyn is anything to go by, the V-front trend we’ve been seeing in pantsuits has made its way to red carpet dresses, and gosh, we want to unsee this one. The cutout draws all the attention to her belly, instead of to her overall silhouette or her face.

Teyana Taylor

Is there some rule against wearing a normal outfit to awards shows now? Because we’re starting to think so. All the chain links have her looking like a wannabe biker or gang member. And considering it’s designer (Balenciaga x Crocs shoes and Givenchy leather pants), it sure is an expensive way to look awful.

Megan Thee Stallion

The ombre trend from years past was brought back by Megan Thee Stallion in the worst way possible. The custom Mugler piece looks like a tacky beach coverup, and the fact that she’s wearing it to an awards show makes it so much worse. 

Lara McWhorter

Can we please not have the foil fringe from Party City become the newest trend? And again, we don’t understand the beach coverup silhouette as a choice for an awards show red carpet. 

JT and Yung Miami of City Girls 

One commenter wrote: “who did this to them?” And we can’t help but ask ourselves the same question. The skirts look like a nightmare version of a ballerina tutu. Not a cute look.

Florence Welch

Excuse me, what? If she was trying to give off creepy old witch vibes, I suppose mission accomplished. But really, this Gucci outfit doesn’t give her any kind of shape and paired with the black lacy tights it looks like a poor attempt at a Halloween outfit. 

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum really is so pretty that she could wear anything, but this neon yellow dress is so distracting that it doesn’t let you see her beauty. You know the old rule that you should see the woman and not the dress? Well, this Toni Maticevski dress paired with black knee-high Casadei boots pretty much accomplishes the exact opposite.  

Liza Koshy

Someone needs to get us a manual for interpreting all the strange outfits celebrities are choosing to wear to important events because we have questions. Why is her belt so big? Why does this dress from Area need to have all those lines on her stomach? Our best guess is it's a botched attempt at a music staff, but we need answers. 

Closing Thoughts

It seems like the outfits continue to get worse with each passing awards show. And so, though it was difficult, these were the 11 worst dressed celebs of the night at the Billboard Music Awards. 

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