Here's Our Number So We Can Text Like Legit Friends

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Social media isn't what we signed up for. It started as a friend request. Social media gave us a new way to communicate and connect with each other. Somewhere along the way, our conversations were sold.

And then there's email. The never-ending inbox. Full of spam, promotions, and subscriptions to every site or brand you've ever visited or purchased from. We give our email to business associates and to brands we might want to purchase things from when they go on sale. But our friends? Our family? The people we want to hear from? We give them our number and hope they send a text first before freaking us out with an unannounced call.

That's why Evie now has a number you can text, anytime, any day. No hidden agenda, no distractions. Just honest two-way communication that's direct, instant, and real.

Have a question? Want to read something specific? Have a topic you'd like us to cover? Looking for advice on what to wear for that special date? We're happy to chat about any and all of it. You'll also (occasionally) get insider info about new projects we're launching before they're announced in hopes of getting your input.

Start by Sending Us Any Message

Evie Magazine Phone Number

Once you text us (literally any message), you'll get an automatic prompt to input your contact info and save our number to your phone. After the second prompt, you're done! All messages will be sent directly by Evie. Sorry, robots.

Our emails aren't going anywhere. If you're subscribed to them, you'll still get that little treasure trove of quality reads once a week. And submissions? That's best saved for email too. This number is so our readers can contact us directly and quickly. And lastly...

It's 100% Private. We Never Share Your Number or Personal Data

Any strong relationship is built on trust. We're opening up our phone to our readers in hopes of building personal relationships with each and every one of you.

We're excited to get started!

xoxo, the Evie Team

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Seek Truth. Find Beauty.

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