Texas Gunman Kills 14 Students And 1 Teacher In Mass Shooting At An Elementary School

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A horrific tragedy took place today at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a town that's roughly 83 miles west of San Antonio.

This morning the unthinkable happened at an elementary school. An 18-year-old walked into Robb Elementary School and opened fire on students and teachers without any warning. Officials are still trying to gather information as to what his motive was.

Texas Gunman Kills 14 Students And 1 Teacher In Mass Shooting

Sadly, officials have confirmed that 14 young students were gunned down and killed by the shooter, as well as one teacher. Texas governor Greg Abbott shared some details in a press briefing today.

"It is believed that he abandoned his vehicle, then entered into the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde with a handgun, and he may have also had a rifle," he said. "He shot and killed, horrifically and incomprehensibly, 14 students and killed a teacher."

This tragedy happened shortly after 11:30am and the suspect was identified as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old who was local to the area. He was fatally wounded after law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Pete Arredondo, the chief of police for the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District, told the press that the investigation led them to suspect that "the suspect did act alone during this heinous crime."

University Health in San Antonio announced that it's treating two people who are in critical condition. One is 66 years old and the other is 10 years old.

Law enforcement is still on the site and encouraging people to steer clear of the area.

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