Taylor Swift Fans Are Having Mental Health Issues Over The Possibility Of Her Dating Matty Healy: "It's A Betrayal"

A "mental health check-in" among Swifties on Reddit shows how devastated people are about Taylor Swift's rumored romance with Matty Healy.

By Gina Florio3 min read
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Taylor Swift, renowned for her chart-topping hits and effective storytelling, has been at the center of numerous relationship rumors throughout her career. One of the most intriguing among them involves Matty Healy, the lead singer of the English band, The 1975. Taylor's and Matty's paths first crossed in 2014, around the time when Taylor's album 1989 was creating waves in the music industry. The introduction reportedly happened at one of The 1975's concerts, which Taylor attended with her close friends and fellow musicians, Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez. This sparked a series of rumors about a potential romance brewing between the two musicians.

Fuel was added to the fire when Matty sported Taylor's "1989" tour shirt during one of his concerts, reciprocating Taylor's move of wearing The 1975's band shirt at her concert. Taylor and Matty were also seen together backstage at a few of The 1975's shows, further igniting speculation about their relationship status. Adding to the rumors, Matty mentioned in a radio interview that he and Taylor had exchanged numbers and had been texting, although he was cautious to label their relationship as anything more than friendship.

Despite the buzz, the rumored relationship between the two seemed to fizzle out as quickly as it started. Both musicians moved on and dated different people, but there are now new rumors that Taylor and Matty have found their way back to one another. They have been spotted together on numerous occasions, at each other's concerts, out to dinner, etc. Reportedly, Jack Antonoff reconnected them. Since then, they've been wearing the same bracelets and are suspected to be sending each other secret messages during their respective live concerts. Although neither has confirmed that their romance is real, many of Taylor's fans are heartbroken over the fact that Matty could be her new boyfriend.

Taylor Swift Fans Are Having Mental Health Issues over the Possibility of Her Dating Matty Healy

Swifties have always been known to be a little too invested in Taylor's music and personal life. This certainly hasn't changed since they found out that Matty might be her new beau. In a Reddit forum that is dedicated to Taylor and her fandom, a user posted a thread called "Mental Health Check-in" and asked people to "keep things civil" as they share their true thoughts about Taylor and Matty.

"I know there has been a lot of thoughts, opinions, disappointments and anger over the last few days regarding Taylor and her new relationship," the user wrote. "I've also noticing that this sub hasn't been quite as active as it typically is [sic]."

That's when the comments started flooding in, revealing that Taylor's fans are not okay. They wrote long paragraphs about feeling betrayed and hurt by Taylor's rumored romance, lamenting the fact that they spent so much money to attend her concert, only to be disappointed at Matty being in the picture.

"It's so disheartening to know you've dedicated so much time, emotion and money to someone who is aligning herself with a person like this," another user responded. "I feel so embarrassed and gross being her fan because of this and I'm not part of any of the groups he spoke about (besides being a woman). I can't imagine how fans like you and other marginalized groups must feel."

It's getting increasingly harder to distinguish between real life and parody on the internet these days, but these comments are from real fans who are genuinely affected by Taylor and Matty's supposed relationship. Matty has been involved in a few different controversies that include making fun of certain ethnicities' accents, teasing a fan about her name, and supposedly using BLM as a way to sell tickets to his concert. But in a hypersensitive society, these accusations are more of a reflection of people's desire to be offended rather than any malice or prejudice on Matty's part.

"I truly don't know what she or her team could possibly be thinking, but ultimately it doesn't matter—she's doing it and it's a betrayal to so much of her fandom and something we should all be disgusted by," the user concluded.

Others chimed in and agreed, insisting that they "spent a lot of time, energy and money on this concert," only to be disappointed by Taylor. One user said they were excited about the concert and "wanted that escape," but then Matty showed up on stage with Phoebe Bridgers, shattering any positive feelings they had for Taylor.

"I have been so excited and working so hard on my outfit and friendship bracelets and now I'm like, trying to muster up the energy to care," another user wrote. It's hard to know whether you should laugh or cry for these fans who have seemingly built their entire personality and life around a singer and her romantic life. But that's exactly how Taylor designed it. She and her team have been wildly successful at building a brand that makes fans feel like they are part of Taylor's life, like they are part of Taylor's music. So of course they will feel all sorts of deep emotions after falling into a trap like that. Meanwhile, Taylor goes about her merry way making music for hardcore fans who will follow her every step, even if they don't agree with it.