Taylor Lautner's Fiancée Admits Her "Childhood Crush" Was Actually Robert Pattinson In 'Twilight'

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Taylor Lautner broke into stardom for his role as Jacob in the "Twilight" series. His character was caught in an intense love triangle along with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Taylor Lautner was only 16 years old when he signed on for the Twilight series. He has opened up before about how his anxiety grew to such a high level that he wasn't even able to leave his house. "I'd get super anxious to go out. So I just didn't," he shared. But his now-fiancée helped him overcome his fears and regain a normal life.

Taylor Lautner's Fiancée Admits Her "Childhood Crush" Was Actually Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Lautner announced his engagement to Taylor Dome, a registered nurse, in November 2021. They've been an item since 2018, and Lautner says she was "a large part of getting me back to where I am today."

But Dome has a confession to make about her "childhood crush" from the Twilight series—and it's not her fiancé. "Show your childhood crush and then the person you ended up with," she captioned a video on Instagram. The series of pictures that followed included photos of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, then photos of her and Lautner together after their engagement. "I think it's time to come clean," she joked in the caption.

The comment section is full of laughs. Everyone knows that the Taylors are happy together, regardless of who Dome's childhood crush was. Although Lautner is well-known around the world, his fiancée isn't an A-list celebrity, which is seemingly why their relationship is so strong.

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