Taylor Frankie Paul And The Mormon MomTok Swinging Drama, Explained

The rise of TikTok has turned everyday people into online stars. Content creators can generate millions of followers simply by sharing tidbits of their personal life for everyone to see on social media. Taylor Frankie Paul is one of those people – she has more than 3 million followers on TikTok.

By Gina Florio4 min read
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Taylor Frankie Paul is a 28-year-old mom of two who lives in Utah. She's a Mormon influencer who has always been open about her personal life on TikTok. She's married to Tate Paul, and they often create content together. Taylor also creates content with a group of other Mormon women, most of whom are also married and have children. This group of ladies, known as MomTok, is smack dab in the middle of some juicy drama, and no matter how much you want to look away, you just can't help but watch the trainwreck unfold.

What Is MomTok and Who Is Part of It?

Taylor seems to be the head of MomTok, but there are several other women in the group who are just as beautiful. Miranda McWhorter is another Mormon mom who shows up in Taylor's friend group, and she's married to Chase McWhorter. Camille Munday, Kenna Rowley, and Whitney Leavitt are a few other women involved in MomTok. There are several other women who appear in the videos too.

Taylor and her friends routinely post dancing videos and lip syncs that showcase various moments of their life. But Taylor has raised a lot of eyebrows with her content that jokes about the Mormon husbands swapping wives, her husband being her brother, and her being the mother of Camille and Miranda. While most people acknowledge that she's joking, many people can't help but question whether any of this is true. She has also posted TikToks in the past saying that she and Tate are in an open relationship and that they sleep in separate bedrooms.

The underlying message of all the MomTok videos is that they're all Mormon wives who got married and started having babies at a young age, but many people have questioned whether their behavior is Mormon-appropriate. The women are often scantily clad, grinding on each other, and dancing to explicit music. Taylor often brushes off these questions and merely tells people that this is her life, and this is how she's going to choose to live it.

As perfect as Taylor's life looks, however, apparently things have just fallen apart. She is now in the middle of a drama-filled fallout with her MomTok friends – and even worse, it seems as though she and Tate are getting divorced.

Taylor Frankie Paul Announces Her Divorce

It's one of those trainwrecks you just can't look away from no matter how much you want to ignore Taylor and the rest of MomTok. Just over a week ago, Taylor made "an unfortunate announcement" on her TikTok. "In my twenties, getting divorced, started therapy, living on my own for the first time ever along with two little kids," she wrote in the lip sync video. She was swinging a set of keys in front of the camera and her apartment was totally empty with all the furniture gone.

A lot of people in the comment section thought it was merely a joke since Taylor is known to joke about serious things on her page (like being related to her husband). Some people speculated that she and her family were simply moving out to a new place and she was using the empty apartment as a way to play a prank.

Three days later, Taylor posted another TikTok of herself laying in bed with the caption "My entire life falling apart." The camera cut to her moving boxes out of her apartment. Taylor posted yet another TikTok that was a montage of memories of her and her husband Tate mixed with videos of her moving out of their home. "Excited to co parent with my best friend," she wrote in the caption.

Not long after that, people discovered that Camille and Miranda unfollowed Taylor. This is when it became pretty clear that drama went down with the members of MomTok.

Taylor Frankie Paul Opens Up About "Soft Swinging" with MomTok

Not long after Taylor announced her divorce, she went live on TikTok to tell her side of the story. People had already speculated that it had something to do with being in an open relationship and her and Tate sleeping in separate bedrooms. While many people thought these were merely jokes, Taylor claimed they were very real indeed.

Taylor revealed in her live video that she and the other women in MomTok have been "soft swingers" for a while and that all the couples in this group have been hooking up regularly. The term swinging means couples will exchange their partner with other couples, and the only difference with "soft swinging" is that intercourse is off the table (but everything else is a green light). She also explained that one of the cardinal rules of MomTok "soft swinging" was that if you were going to hook up with someone else's spouse, your spouse and their spouse had to be present. You couldn't go off by yourself with someone else's husband or wife. Sound confusing? Yeah, well, confusion is a pillar of messy non-monogamous situations.

The reason for Taylor's divorce, according to her live video, was that she snuck off with someone else's husband and hooked up with him in private. She didn't say who it was, but many fans believe the guy to be Brayden Rowley, the husband of Kenna Rowley. This has yet to be confirmed, though.

Taylor apologized on her live video, and said she has "lost everything" because of what happened, from her husband to her "whole group of friends." While she admitted to making a mistake, she also said that there were many other people who also messed up, and it's not fair that they're not being honest about their part in this disaster. She said, "The whole group was intimate with each other." Taylor explicitly said that her husband has made out with many of the other girls "and other things," and vice versa. She has also made out with multiple other husbands "and other things." Taylor and her husband also told their parents about their behavior and were mortified that they had to admit this to them.

The Rest of MomTok Is Denying Taylor's Story

Miranda and her husband Chase did their own TikTok live as a response; they claimed that they have never been involved in "soft swinging" and that they were sad because their whole friend group was "completely blown up." Miranda was clear that she wishes Taylor the best, but she didn't appreciate being implicated in this swinging drama.

Whitney Leavitt posted a TikTok a few days ago making light of the fact that everyone thinks she's a swinger. The next day she posted a video in which she defended herself and said, "I am not a swinger. I have never swang."

Judging by the comment sections, nobody is buying it. Followers and fans are believing Taylor's side of the story, and when someone denies swinging, they just refer back to Taylor's live when she said that everyone would simply deny it.

There have been some people commenting on various posts and TikToks saying that they're from Utah and these kinds of swinger groups are pretty normal, even in Mormon communities. The internet is eating up this drama, even if they had never heard of Taylor and MomTok before. Followers are waiting to find out what will happen next for Taylor and whether MomTok will cease to exist forever.