Survivor Of R. Kelly's Sexual Assault Testifies About The Unspeakable Acts Of Abuse He Performed When She Was 14: "I Didn't Know How To Say No"

R&B sensation R. Kelly is currently facing 13 counts in his second federal trial in Chicago, including charges for creating child sex abuse images and obstructing justice. One of his sexual abuse victims is testifying against him after staying silent for decades.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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The 37-year-old woman is going by the anonymous name of Jane during Kelly's trial. She was only 14 years old when Kelly featured her in a series of videos in which he performed unspeakable acts of sexual violence against her. Up until now, she has remained silent about Kelly's abuse, including the 2008 trial that she didn't participate in because she denied being the young girl that he abused in the videos, which were filmed in 2002. On Thursday she confirmed that she originally lied to law enforcement and the Cook County grand jury when they charged Kelly with producing the videos.

Woman Was Groomed and Abused by R. Kelly at Just 14 Years Old

Jane was only 12 or 13 years old when she met Kelly for the first time at her church. She said she was "excited like every other fan in the world" to meet him because he was a huge celebrity at the time. She was performing with a musical group and touring in Europe; he once complimented her after a show and she started spending more time with him through her aunt, a singer who had a relationship with Kelly at the time.

“Such a successful person was saying I was gifted, so I was excited,” Jane said.

Kelly eventually became her godfather and started making sexual advances at her. He started by asking her sexually explicit questions about her body and her underwear. He offered her alcohol to "loosen up," showed her pornography, and masturbated while on the phone with her. That progressed into physical sexual abuse, and Kelly filmed explicit videos with her when she was only 14 and took her virginity when she was 15 years old. Soon after, Kelly even recruited some of Jane's friends to have a sexual encounter with the two of them.

In 2002, Jane moved in with Kelly at his Olympia Fields home and he wouldn't let her work so that he had full control over her. During that time, Kelly was already awaiting a state trial on child sex abuse image charges. Jane finally moved out at the age of 24, but even then, Kelly helped pay for her rent and gave her a car so she could travel back and forth to her job.

She decided to finally tell the truth about her experiences with Kelly just a few years ago because she "became exhausted with living with his lies."

Woman Testifies Against R. Kelly in Court After Staying Silent for Years

Jane testified that Kelly had sex with her hundreds of times starting at the age of 15. There were three videos taken when she was only 14, all of which contained explicit sexual abuse. For decades, Jane denied being involved with these tapes, but she is finally testifying against Kelly in trial.

Jane says she was groomed from a young age and Kelly acted as her mentor. The videos show Jane laying on the ground of Kelly's living room during oral sex; Kelly urinated on her vagina while he demanded that Jane speak about her body parts and her age.

"He asked me to say 'my 14-year-old vagina,'" Jane said on the stand.

In one of the videos, Kelly threw money at her because he wanted to make it look like she was a prostitute "if anybody saw the tape or if it was released." Jane shed tears on the stand as she testified about being "afraid" of exposing who Kelly really was. She also said she denied it all initially because she "didn't want that person to be me." Additionally, Jane said Kelly coached her into lying in order to protect him.

"I was ashamed," she said with a shaky voice.

A couple months ago, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison by a New York jury, which found him guilty on charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. This is the first time he has faced legal consequences for the sexual abuse claims that have followed him for years.

Jane is set to face cross examination in the trial on Friday.