Supermodel Shanina Shaik Talks About The Horrifying Side Effects Of Ozempic That They Don’t Want You To Know

In an eye-opening episode of the podcast Eight Twenty, hosted by supermodel Shanina Shaik and DJ Georgia Sinclair, the conversation took a turn towards health and lifestyle "auditing" with their guest, Dr. Jonathan Leary. Among the topics, one that stood out was the discussion on Ozempic, a drug that has been gaining attention not only for its intended medical use but also for its alarming side effects.

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Ozempic, a medication developed for type 2 diabetes, has been repurposed for weight loss, raising ethical questions, especially concerning its use in children and teenagers. Shanina shared her concerns about the growing use of Ozempic, revealing, "I’ve had this conversation with my loved one, and they don’t want to hear it." Her apprehension stems from the dangerous side effects associated with the drug. “It worries me and it scares me because I’ve been told by one of my doctors who is like, one of the side effects is even death, and you’ll start seeing that being hushed,” Shanina added. “It’s ruining your body and your organs."

The Hidden Health Risks

Dr. Leary agreed about the detrimental impact of Ozempic on the body's natural functions, and Sinclair raised a point about another concerning effect. "Doesn’t it even cause muscle wastage?” she asked. “Which is dangerous in older people?" Leary elaborated on the severity, explaining the process of sarcopenia, which accelerates muscle loss starting around thirty, which is exacerbated by drugs like Ozempic. "Your muscles are what keeps you strong and functional. If we’re making people weaker and weaker, what the problem is, it’s not even just the drug, it’s the fact that it’s becoming normal that people want these solutions that aren’t solutions."

Dr. Leary expressed a broader concern about the current state of healthcare and patient awareness. "My biggest worry is that we’re not doing a good job in healthcare teaching people that there are real side effects.”

Public Reaction and Personal Stories

Following the podcast, the comment section was flooded with mixed reactions. Some listeners strongly disagreed with the notion that Ozempic is harmful, while others shared their own harrowing experiences with the drug, highlighting the divide in public opinion. 

Insights from A Functional Medicine Expert

For those interested in learning more about Ozempic, Dr. Mark Hyman recorded a podcast addressing the obesity crisis, the rise of metabolic dysfunctions, and the contentious debate surrounding the use of medications like Ozempic as treatments. Dr. Hyman outlined the staggering statistics of obesity and metabolic dysfunction, emphasizing the tripled obesity rates over the last 60 years and the alarming prevalence of chronic diseases. He shares Shanina’s concerns over the long-term use and side effects of such drugs, including serious conditions like gastroparesis, bowel obstruction, and even death. 

Conclusion: We Need Healthy, Sustainable Solutions

The obesity crisis and associated health issues represent complex challenges. While drugs like Ozempic offer short-term benefits, there is a much more compelling argument for concentrating on root causes to provide more sustainable and less risky outcomes. Dr. Hyman argues that addressing the toxic food environment is the first crucial step toward mitigating these health crises, along with a holistic approach to healthcare. 

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