Street Interviewer Gets Humbled By Husband Who Spent $35k On Engagement Ring For His Wife

"The Desirable Truth" podcast interviewing a husband and wife came with unexpected results.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read
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If a man asked me on a date, "What do you bring to the table?" I'd just dine and ditch – but it seems that question is the norm to ask nowadays.

This week, The Desirable Truth podcast uploaded a video that quickly went viral, garnering over 12 million views and 2.3 million likes. The clip is of a short street interview involving a married couple. The host asks the man how much he spent on the engagement ring, and he answers that it was around $35,000. He then turns to the woman in a pink dress and asks, "What does he [her husband] get in return?" 

Her husband quickly interrupts her, saying, "I think I should answer that. So, I get a partner that's loyal. I get the mother of my children. I get the most beautiful woman that I've ever, you know, been around. And the most important thing is how she treats me and how she treats her family. So, for me, I have a partner for life, and it's worth every investment there is."

Now, as he's saying all this, his wife stands quietly as she admires him. Meanwhile, the social media audience is marveling at his perspective too. The husband showcased masculinity by standing up for his wife and protecting her from the internet's wrath. Because, realistically speaking, your words will get twisted in some form or another when you go viral, a phenomenon we've seen time and time again.

"I have a partner for life, and it's worth every investment there is."

"The 35k ring is nothing compared to the way he speaks about her with such respect," reads one comment on TikTok. 

Another says, "bruh the way he chose to step in cuz he wasn't gonna sit there and let the interview imply bad things about his wife. as green as it can get tbh." 

"This MAN handled this well the utter disrespect!" a comment with 24,000 likes reads. "The question of what women brings to the table absurd. I loved that he answered for her!!! [sic]" 

The video blew up so much that other men on the platform began sharing their thoughts on it. @theseremet, a commentator, garnered over 200,000 likes with his take. He believes that the question the interviewer asked kind of "encapsulates the problem with the way young men are viewing women in this day and age" in the U.S., and I agree. Men and women view relationships as a transactional, robotic process that's void of unconditional love.

@theseremet said, "The answer is obvious," and added, "He jumps in and defends her and starts giving this litany of attributes that she brings to the table. She's beautiful, she's going to be the mother of his children, she's a faithful friend, a partner. Like, duh, that's what the f*ck you're getting. There's nothing more that a woman needs to bring to the table, because just – in her very essence, her energy – you can be lifted up into being a much, much better man."

To echo what the TikToker said, women have a lot to offer besides money. Our unique strengths play a significant role in shaping people and society. Femininity is multifaceted, and it's a beautiful aspect that is inherent in us. Our nurturing nature can soothe in ways men can't. Our loyalty, empathy, and ability to listen and understand can strengthen them. Our emotional support, encouragement, and comforting presence are a positive force in our men's lives; it keeps them motivated. As mothers, we sacrifice our energies to raise our children while caring for our husbands simultaneously. When we're in love, and you give that love back, we're willing to do anything to make your lives easier (yes, that involves cooking or cleaning). These are the answers that these “street interviewers” seek, I believe. What more could you want?

But a man doesn’t ask this question to a woman he’s fallen for because he knows what he’s getting. A man falls for a woman because of who she is, her beauty, and her vibrant energy. It's the way she speaks, moves, and how she looks at him when they’re together. The feeling of joy when they’re dining at a restaurant or just watching a movie at home on a lazy Sunday. How she laughs at his jokes or the cute text messages she sends him when he's not with her. In this instance of true love, what she brings to the table becomes irrelevant, because she is the table. Her existence itself and the experience that she provides, the support and the love that he desires, is what she brings to a man's life.

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