Streamer Destiny Reportedly Getting A Divorce After Flaunting Open Marriage

Streamer Steven Kenneth Bonnell II – who is known online as Destiny – is reportedly divorcing Melina Göransson. The two were known to have an open marriage.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Streamer Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, otherwise known as "Destiny," has amassed a large following on social media thanks to his political debates with internet personalities. A self-described "Omniliberal," the blue-haired streamer has always been vocal about his progressive views and his open marriage.

Melina and Destiny's Relationship

Destiny, 34, married Swedish-born Melina Göransson, 24, in 2021, and they have appeared on numerous streams and podcast episodes together. Last year, the two opened up about their relationship on the Lex Fridman Podcast. "We've got, like, long-term friends, some of them we hook up with," Destiny explained, adding that "it's a delicate dance that explodes every six months on itself." When host Lex Fridman asked if they fought over their situationships, they said yes (is anyone surprised?).

On the Whatever Podcast, the couple explained their reasoning behind having sex with other people. "Variety is fun," Destiny tells everyone at the table. "Sometimes I want to be with a girl that's Hispanic or Asian." He also mentioned how there "are some things that are fun to exploit sexually with other people that not everybody might like."

Both Göransson and Destiny are also bisexual.

Destiny Opens Up About Separating with Melina

Fans noticed that Destiny unfollowed or blocked his wife on social media platforms this week. According to Destiny's fans on his subreddit, the streamer revealed that he was done with Göransson after she fell for an abusive guy. "I'll have a small convo when I'm back about things, I'm not gonna 'nuke' Melina or anything, but the last two months (and two weeks) have been a massive mindf*ck for me, watching her become obsessed with a toxic/abusive guy (when I visited Sweden last, he gave Mel an ultimatum to divorce me and then threatened to kill himself when she didn't do it, among 20 other abusive/manipulative things he's done) and endlessly make excuses for him, so I'm out," a screenshot of a Discord message showed.

It's alleged that men got closer to Göransson by trashing Destiny, because "she loved the emotional validation of people making her feel like every single problem in the relationship was my fault," the streamer supposedly wrote. Not to add salt to the wound or anything, but by allowing Göransson to have sex with other men, she opened herself up to being manipulated.


Destiny admitted to being a "pushover for so many years," and his "discovering boundaries was the death knell in this relationship."


The divorce rumors come after Göransson has reportedly been in Sweden for six months due to a trial, frequently streaming with a man who goes by Memetix.


Closing Thoughts

I'm not sure who proposed first to be in an open relationship – I don't think it matters. Both of them agreed to this dynamic, and they obviously saw the consequences of it. We're all humans, and emotions are unpredictable. It's not unlikely for someone in an open marriage to fall for a sexual partner that they see frequently or get intimate with. The truth is that sex is not just a "physical act." When women have sex, they release the neuropeptide oxytocin, increasing the feelings of trust and emotions associated with love, sexual desire, and bonding.

Sure, monogamous couples cheat on each other, too – but there's no denying that couples in open relationships are likely to develop feelings for someone other than their spouse. Their social circle is much bigger; boundaries are virtually nonexistent.

Looking back at the duo's podcast appearances, it sounds like this unconventional marriage never worked out for them. Hopefully, Destiny will learn to stand up for himself, stop being a pushover, and go for women interested in a monogamous relationship built on love, respect, and loyalty.

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