Stop Letting Radicals Define The Conversation About Race

By Gina Florio
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Stop Letting Radicals Define The Conversation About Race

Today there’s a big difference between being liberal and being leftist. It’s easy to conflate the two because many politicians, pundits, media publications, and public figures use these terms interchangeably, especially when they’re talking about bi-partisan issues.

Traditional Liberalism vs. Today’s Radical Left

The classical liberal ethos is “live and let live.” Traditional liberalism championed civil rights, individual autonomy, the separation of church and state, and the freedom to live life as you please (unless your actions infringe upon someone else’s rights, of course). The Millennial-coined phrase, “you do you, boo” is a trickle-down effect of liberal values that have become mainstream in American society. You do what you want, and I’ll do what I want, as long as our actions don’t infringe upon each other’s rights.

Traditional liberalism championed civil rights, individual autonomy, and the separation of church and state.

However, today’s American radical left is authoritative by nature. You must prescribe to every single parameter of the left’s intersectional, big government platform, whether it’s reparations, the acknowledgement of “white privilege,” patriarchy and rape culture, the federal mandate of a $15 minimum wage, etc. And if you dare to disagree with even one of these issues, you’re a racist, sexist, and everything-phobe who is excommunicated forever. You lose your job, your friends. You’re cancelled. You don’t even deserve to exist anymore. Not even the beloved J.K. Rowling was safe from the mob.

This is not liberal in any sense of the word. In fact, this is radical authoritarianism. Unfortunately, this radical authoritative agenda has taken over all the mainstream machines: media, entertainment, politics, and Hollywood. The majority of what we see now on the news and on TV/in the movies is an extension of the radical left agenda that’s being pushed at every turn. Especially when it comes to race.

The Conversation on Race

It seems like we can’t escape the narrative of racism these days. We turn on the TV, watch a movie, scroll through the news, and it’s all about racism. The radical left is constantly telling us that we live in an inherently racist, white supremacist country full of evil white people in power who hunt down minorities and kill them — just because they can! We’re actually told that the United States of America was founded on slavery and racism.

First of all, let’s unpack how historically illiterate that statement. The United States is the least racist country in the world. And no, I didn’t just pull that sentence out of thin air. We can see this objective truth proved through studies, social sciences, and plenty of data around our country. For example, in Racism and Anti-Racism in the World: Before and After 1945, Kathleen Brush uses social sciences to prove that the USA has low rates of racism compared to the rest of the world.

The U.S. welcomes half of the world’s immigrants every single year. 

This shouldn’t be a surprise to us. We have the most wide-reaching civil rights, and the U.S. Constitution is the only political document in the history of the world that acknowledges every single human being has God-given rights that can’t be taken away or infringed upon by the government. In fact, the nationwide slavery that took place in our history was a violation of the founding principles of our country. The founding fathers wanted to eliminate slavery from their new nation, but were unable to do so without losing the South. We paid for that mistake with a bloody civil war.

Today, the U.S. also welcomes half of the world’s immigrants every single year. An inherently racist country would never open their borders to that extent. 

Second of all, why are we even allowing these radicals to control the entire conversation about race? Why do we stand by idly and allow the mainstream machines to tell us that we’re evil and racist? For me, the answer is quite simple: because too many of us are too weak to stand up to it. We play along, hoping that by appeasing them, this will all eventually go away.

That’s the first mistake. Don’t even play their game in the first place. Do you feel the need to convince people that you’re not a thief, a rapist, or murderer? Of course not, so why on earth are you now asked to justify whether or not you’re racist?

Don’t Be Silenced by Fear

The fear of being called a racist or white supremacist holds far too many people back from speaking their minds, engaging in useful civil discourse, and pushing back against wild claims being made by activists. We need to stop letting the radicals define the conversation around race. Allowing them to define the conversation means we’re allowing them to silence us — and even worse, to call us heinous names like racist and white supremacist while we remain completely silent.

Allowing them to define the conversation around race means we’re allowing them to silence us.

We shouldn’t be afraid to use common sense, logic, and data to refute many of the outlandish claims made by radical leftists. Just because you're not aligned with the most radical fringes and their ideology doesn't make you a racist. It's time that the other Americans stood up and had a say. You may be surprised to hear that most American's lives are quite radically different than the racist, sexist, xenophobic narrative pushed by activists.

Radicals and activists are putting words into the mouths of millions of Americans, asserting that they are participants in (or worse, beneficiaries of) a fundamentally racist, unfair country. While no one is denying that there will always be work to be done around race and inequality, especially in such a diverse nation as our own, the single-minded narrative being pushed does not represent the views or experiences of the vast majority of Americans.

Closing Thoughts

The radical left keeps winning because we let them. Truth is on our side. The only thing stopping us is our own unwillingness to stand up for what we believe in.

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