How To Steal Blake Lively’s It-Girl Style

When it comes to fashion, there are few celebrities today who come to mind as paralleling Blake Lively’s sense of style. Want the it-girl look? Keep reading.

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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While Lively is probably best known for her role as it-girl Serena Van Der Woodsen on the tv show Gossip Girl (which has some seriously great outfit inspo by the way), the real life it-girl has been in everything from The Age of Adaline to The Shallows.

Outside of her acting career, Lively is just as lovely. She has three kids —  James, Inez, and Betty (the last of whom she released the name of on the album of her good friend Taylor Swift) — with her husband Ryan Reynolds, who she’s been with since 2012. They have one of the sweetest Hollywood marriages out there! It’s honestly heartwarming to see a Hollywood relationship work out for once. Love and family are not dead, people.

And when she’s not busy being a wife, mama, and actress (those three things are enough to wipe anyone out I would think), Lively manages to stay in great shape while simultaneously being great at baking. 

Blake Lively really does seem like she has it all — style included. She’s actually known for never using a stylist! Whether she’s running errands or on the red carpet, Lively always manages to have incredible style. Jealous? Me too.

Layered Black and White

There's an old adage about never mixing patterns in your outfits. Well, Blake Lively proves that rule is out of style. She gets away with mixing checks, bold herringbone, and polka dots by keeping it to just two colors: black and white. The contrasting texture helps as well since it breaks up the layers of the outfit.

Mid Century Vibes

This little pink dress has major 1950s vibes, and we love it! The classic silhouette and the fun color make this the perfect outfit for hosting your own fête.

Winter Street Style

There are a lot of elements to this look, but somehow Lively manages to pull them all off effortlessly. The key to making this street style look stand out in a sea of other coats is the mixed colors and textures. The multicolored skirt paired with a neutral coat is soft yet elegant.

Accessories Make a Look

Especially when paired with a fun matching suit set. If you're already going wild with colors and prints, there's nothing wrong with integrating a fun necklace or gaudy rings that just complete an outfit. Go Gucci with it.

Spice Up White With a Fun Color

White doesn't have to be a boring color. Blake dressed up this simple white sweater with brightly colored pants to keep it feeling fun. The low back detail on the sweater is also a great touch, since it keeps it from feeling too dowdy when you're all covered up.

Black Won’t Let You Down

Lively proves here that black is always a great option. But she also proves that adding a pop of color makes an even more memorable outfit! Just the right touch of color can take a good outfit to a wow! outfit so simply.

Go All Out in Blue

Cheers to an outfit that’s easier to recreate than you think! Just layer a blue coat over a blue dress. Her coat is in a teddy bear (or faux fur) style, which luckily is super easy to find because it’s so on-trend. And for jewelry, blue studs of your choice will complete the tonal look.

Great Hair

Hair is as much a part of your look as any clothes you put on your back. And if anyone is proof of this, it’s Lively. Her hair is something she’s known for, probably even more so than her outfits. You’d probably see a million articles on it if only for the perfect golden blond color alone! But she’s really taken what she has and used it to her advantage. Curls and bohemian braids and updos have become her signature.

It takes a lot of practice, but you can learn to do your hair, I promise. A million Youtube tutorials and bobby pins later, and we’ll get there. And if you do get your hair done for special occasions, don’t be afraid to pull up a photo of Lively on your phone and take things a little outside the box for once. You might find a hairstyle that really works for you!

Closing Thoughts

I really am obsessed with Blake Lively’s style whether she’s on the red carpet or just out and about. It definitely takes creativity, but like anything, putting together a good outfit is a skill that can be improved upon. The key to not burdening your wallet is learning to go shopping in your own closet. What’s old is new again! That’s the fashion budgeting tip of the century, people, and it will save you more than any coupon code. You may not have a movie-sized budget, but you can still have Blake Lively-level style.