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A comprehensive breakdown of the hottest haircuts: the good, the bad, and what each one says about those who rock it.

Maybe you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting a haircut, or maybe you’ve always wondered what your chosen ‘do says about you. Either way, ponder no more! Here’s a breakdown of the most iconic haircuts, their pros and cons, and what they each say about you:

The Buzzcut

For all you Eleven (Stranger Things) fans, this one’s for you! Nothing says "I don’t care what you think" like a buzzcut. Girls with this hairstyle instantly possess an inexplicable authority that is seldom found—not to mention, the best way to show off your gorgeous face is with this ultra-short crop.

buzz haircut

The Pros: Your hair will literally take no time at all in the morning, you don’t have to wash too often, and your look will pack a punch anywhere you go.

The Cons: You only have one hairstyle that you might get bored with quickly, your head gets really cold, and you’ll get a lot of unwelcome opinions on your ‘do.

What a buzzcut says about you: You’re bold, fiercely confident, and way cooler than basically everyone else.

The Pixie Cut

Maybe I’m just a bit biased—I rocked my pixie for four years and loved every minute of it—but in my opinion, pixies are one of the easiest ways to channel your inner Audrey. Effortless, elegant, and unique, a pixie is sure to satisfy the big change you’re craving.

pixie haircut

The Pros: Styling is a breeze that takes all of five minutes. You’ll look more mature, you’ll feel more daring, and you’ll get tons of people complimenting you on your cool haircut.

The Cons: Hair less than two inches long means styling options are limited, bad hair-days can’t be pulled into a messy bun, the growing-out process is long and painful, and you’ll hear the question “Why?” more often than you’d like.

What a pixie says about you: You’re super self-assured, independent, and don’t let others’ opinions weigh in on your decisions. You’ll also be called “brave” by other women on the daily.

The Classic Bob

Popularized in the 1920s, bobs have been a long-time favorite of many a woman. One of the best things about bobs is their versatility—serving looks ranging from beachy to sleek. It’s no wonder why this timeless cut is still a favorite among women today.

bob haircut

The Pros: You’ll have a nice range of styling options (my personal favorite is light waves), look totally chic, and it’s also easy to take care of.

The Cons: Certain styles are off-limits (messy bun, high ponytail, long braid), and it can be hard to know which exact cut will work with your texture.

What a bob says about you: You’re easy-going, playful, and feminine, and have a great sense of fashion.

The Mermaid Hair

Classically feminine, beautiful, and dynamic, mermaid hair never has and never will go out of style. With the long, luxurious locks of a fairytale princess, you’re bound to turn heads everywhere you go, and with good reason.

mermaid haircut

The Pros: You’ll have endless styling options, warm ears in the winter, and feel ultra-feminine.

The Cons: Tangles are inevitable, it takes forever to style, gets very heavy, and you’ll find stray hairs literally everywhere.

What mermaid hair says about you: You’re patient enough to forego cutting your hair, appreciate classic beauty, and love showing off your mane.


Ah, bangs—the style we all try out at some point (7th grade for me), before realizing that, cute as they may be, they’re most definitely not universally flattering. We all hope we’ll look like Zooey Deschanel with our fringe (best hair decision she ever made in my opinion), but only some of us do.

bangs haircut

The Pros: They’re charming, memorable, and a fun way to mix up your current ‘do.

The Cons: Growing them out is a pain, you can’t let them air-dry, and they may be unflattering to your face shape (which you won’t know until after you get them).

What bangs say about you: You’re adventurous, chic, and just darling. If they suit you, you’ll also hear a lot of, “Wow, I wish I could pull bangs off like you do.”

Closing Thoughts

Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, natural or dyed, have fun with your hair—and maybe try something new. The best thing about hair is that it grows back!

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