Are Some Transwomen Misogynistic? Here's Why Women Feel Like Their Existence Is Being Erased—"I Feel Like Womanhood Is Being Washed Away"

Many women have begun opening up about the misogynistic behavior of some transwomen, bringing in a wave of support from natural-born females who feel the same way.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read

According to the latest research, 5% of young adults (from the ages of 18 to 29) in the U.S. identify as nonbinary or transgender. The number of adults who personally know someone who has transitioned has increased from 37% in 2017 to 42% in 2021. In observing this data, we can safely assume that more individuals will transition in the near present and future. 

We live in extraordinary times where individuals have access to surgeries and hormones in order to transition into the gender they want. But what happens when their need for extreme inclusivity spreads to the point where it erases the existence of natural-born women? Why do some transwomen feel the need to put other women down – in the name of “acceptance” – to feel validated? Furthermore, why is this such a controversial take? 

Social media has consequences, yes, but it also has its benefits. Technology has enabled women to voice their opinions, concerns, and feelings on major platforms, giving them the opportunity to be heard – and it’s important we listen. 

TikTokers Speak Out Against Women's Erasure

@mikalatingler uploaded a video to TikTok to discuss how some transwomen are attempting to erase certain words and meanings associated with the female. "Here's my controversial take of the day that nobody asked for, but I just feel so strongly about this," she said. "I'm all for being inclusive and making people feel seen and heard, and welcomed, but 'breastfeeding' is not gendered language. Breastfeeding is basic anatomy and physiology. It's the term for the organ – it's not gendered. But two, at what point do we just wipe away all of womanhood?”

I feel like womanhood is being washed away.

She continued, “I've seen people talk about how we can't say feminine products anymore, we shouldn't say feminine products anymore, it's not a pregnant mom, it's a birthing person. It's not breastfeeding, it's chestfeeding. These are all things that make womanhood so incredibly unique, and being a woman so incredibly unique. So while we're trying to be inclusive to all these other people, I feel like womanhood is being washed away.”

@thugbabytv responded to the user above on the platform. She compares the behavior of transmen to some transwomen. More often than not, transwomen seem to be the ones who try to bring down other women. "I came up here to give the more ratchet version of what she said, okay? I always find it interesting that I never see women who transitioned into men do this to naturally born men,” she explained. “I never see them tell men, 'Oh, you can't call cologne men's body spray. You can't call men's boxers men's underwear. It's not father's day, you gotta call it parents' day.’” 

She added, “I never see women who transition into men do that. It's always the men who transition into women who then feel the need to stomp all over naturally born women in order to for their existence to be validated. So I might be canceled for saying this, b*tch, but it don't seem like it's a trans problem – it seems like it's a man problem.”

User Shares an Emotional Video about the Mockery of Women

@hippie_sunshinee_ responded to a transwoman who declared they would not use the men's bathroom. “Alright, so I'm gonna try and voice my feelings about this without crying. Because honestly, I'm finding all of this sh*t on my For You Page really hard to deal with," she revealed. "You know what, I'm, like, happy for transgenders and nonbinary and whatever f*cking gender you are. Like, go for it. Be you, be proud of yourself, like, be the best that you can be, be whatever you wanna be," she added. "But I will not apologize for being a f*cking woman and wanting to be called a mother, and wanting to call it breastfeeding, and wanting to use a bathroom that is made for women."

She continued, "I am not here to make you feel f*cking comfortable, okay? I support you all the way but what about women? How about how long women have been oppressed as well? How about that? We can't even f*cking call ourselves [a] birth giver! How cold and horrible does that sound? But no, we have to use these terms to make you feel comfortable. And I honestly think that I'm gonna f*cking lose my mind soon." 

@hippie_sunshinee_ continued to reiterate that her audience should be whoever they want to be, while also adding, "But why suppress women when you are literally fighting because you are suppressed? Why put us on the back burner? There's people out there – I saw a guy doing a box opening with tampons. During Covid, it was really hard for me to get sanitary towels, I had to wrap my undies with toilet paper,” she recalled. The TikToker is talking about the time when a transwoman made an insensitive video about tampons that seemed to mock women. He faced backlash following its virality, prompting many girls on the platform to state their struggles with their menstrual cycles and finding feminine hygiene products.

You make every woman think they're a f*cking joke.

"If you do not have ovaries or a period, you should not be buying these products,” @hippie_sunshinee_ said. “You're making us seem like we're some kind of f*cking mockery right now. You're literally making me wish I wasn't a f*cking woman, mate. You make me feel like a laughing stock. You do, you make every woman think they're a f*cking joke. We've got some f*cking transgender person working with Tampax, who's never had a f*cking period. We've got men making their own f*cking opinions on what girls talk about in their bathroom and they [sic] of tampons, and they say, 'I doubt that even happened.' Who even asked you?" 

Closing Thoughts 

I'm born a natural woman. Most of you reading this are probably natural-born women. You were wonderfully crafted with the organs and hormones of a female. Your body, energy, and feminine essence are sacred. For thousands of years, women have been silenced, disrespected, and disempowered. Why must we keep letting it happen for the sake of someone’s feelings? Why can’t we stand up for ourselves, our views, and our values? The more we let groups of people censor us, the more we give our power away. 

It’s time we embrace ourselves and speak out against the erasure of femininity – regardless of whatever the rest of society thinks.

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