Sofia Richie Grainge Talks About Her Fashion Evolution And How "Shocking" It Is That Young Women Love Her New Style

Her wedding may have been the event of the century, but her keen fashion sense captured the hearts of women before she ever walked down the aisle. Her new fashion line of "quiet luxury" will be released soon.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Sofia Richie Grainge recently made headline news with her wedding of the century. At 24, she married 30-year-old music executive Elliot Grainge, whom she first encountered in 2021. Their engagement occurred in Hawaii the following year. Interestingly, their families have been acquainted for years, given that Elliot's father, Lucian Grainge, CEO of Universal Music Group, has previously worked with Lionel Richie.

Leading to the wedding, Richie Grainge became a sensation on TikTok, posting GRWM content, revealing her makeup and fashion choices, and garnering millions of views overnight. Deemed the "royal wedding" of the year, Sofia's ceremony was a fusion of opulence, elegance, and timelessness. Richie Grainge showcased a fashion tour de force by donning three custom Chanel dresses. Her rehearsal dinner dress, a recreation from a 1997 Chanel couture show, was hand-beaded, reflecting Karl Lagerfeld's legacy of classic femininity. This dress, paired with diamond earrings designed by her sister Nicole Richie, was cherished by Richie Grainge. For the ceremony, she opted for a beaded halter gown, personalized with an embroidered heart and the initials "S&E," with a shimmering veil tailored exclusively for her by Chanel. The final dress, inspired by a '90s Claudia Schiffer corset dress, was worn for the evening party.

Richie Grainge didn't always have the style she has today, though. In fact, the Sofia of the past portrayed herself very differently, especially with her past relationships with celebs like Justin Bieber and Scott Disick. In a recent interview with Town & Country, she opened up about where she's at today and how surprised she was to learn that so many young women were into her new "old money" look.

Sofia Richie Grainge Talks About Her Fashion Evolution

Richie Grainge has often grappled with finding her true identity, initially driven by her admiration for her father to explore music, and later encouraged by others to try acting. However, neither path felt authentic. She decided to embrace her own passions, pivoting toward the fashion industry.

Sofia's personal style evolution synchronized with a broader shift in fashion. The world was moving away from ostentatious clothing toward "stealth wealth" or "quiet luxury" after the pandemic. Through her Instagram posts, Richie Grainge showcased this trend with monochromatic ensembles, matte makeup, and discreet jewelry. She was surprised by the positive reception, particularly from the younger generation.

“It was a bit shocking, the fact that a new generation would be interested in dressing that way,” she says.

We're used to seeing celebrities expose their naked body at the drop of a hat. With the likes of the Kardashians and Cardi B, we've become so used to seeing famous women dress promiscuously. Suddenly, Richie Grainge arrives on the scene wearing modest, elegant clothes that are incredibly fashionable.

Although her wedding was one of the most popular celebrity weddings in the history of social media, what truly captured the public's attention were Richie Grainge's fashion choices leading up to the event. She kept posting photos of new ensembles that her TikTok followers couldn't get enough of. This is how she solidified her new sense of style and made it clear that she was reinventing herself.

Post-wedding, Richie Grainge actively engaged with her burgeoning TikTok audience, walking them through her fashion and beauty choices. Despite her overt luxury, her authenticity, candidness, and down-to-earth demeanor have been crucial to her appeal. Her fans feel like they are a part of her life, even though she does maintain a level of privacy about her relationship with her husband Elliot.

Reflecting on her wedding, Richie Grainge views it as more than an event – it was her personal journey. Since then, she has observed other celebrities emulating her elegant style. She's learned to manage her personal and public life carefully, with her husband providing valuable insights due to his expertise in social media and music.

With her rising influence, Richie Grainge is gearing up to announce her own fashion line, scheduled for a February 2024 launch. The essence of the brand will be "quiet luxury," aligning with her personal style showcased online.

“If you like my Instagram, you’ll like this," she hints.

She looks to her father, Lionel Richie, and her sister, Nicole Richie, for inspiration on how to stay humble, grounded, and always grateful for everything she has. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why millions of young women are enamored with her. She may dress like a fabulous, rich wife from old money, but there is nothing snobby about her. She's relatable, funny, and real. Her impeccable fashion taste is soon going to be available to everyone, and the pieces are surely going to fly off the shelves.

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