Skincare Oils: The Latest Clean Beauty Trend

By Amanda Lauren··  3 min read
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Skincare oils have been one of the biggest beauty trends in recent years. But are they actually more effective or a better choice than a traditional lotion or cream moisturizer?

I spoke with renowned Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Vicki Rapaport to learn the truth behind this trend, what oils can do that lotions can’t, as well as who should be using them.

How Are Skincare Oils Different from Traditional Moisturizers?

Oils are a type of moisturizer, explains Dr. Rapaport. “Oils and moisturizers are simply different ways to hydrate.”

But they can feel different on the skin and have different consistencies. “Oils are usually clear and well, oily feeling, while moisturizers are usually white.”

However, according to Dr. Rapaport, they both get the job done, but each in a unique way. “They both act as barriers to help keep up the skin’s moisture levels and, depending on the exact ingredients, help do this hydrating barrier function in so many different ways.”

Oils and moisturizers are simply different ways to hydrate.

Are Oils Good for All Skin Types?

The answer is yes! “Generally speaking there’s an oil for everyone,” explains Dr. Rapaport.

However, she notes that younger or more acne-prone consumers aren’t the biggest fans of these types of products. “Whereas older, drier, or combo-skinned consumers drench themselves in the stuff,” she says.

Using oils can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, your skin will greatly improve.

Why Oils Are So Popular Right Now

So why have oils become the latest must-have? Dr. Rapaport chalks it up to a few factors. “Glossy, glowy, hydrated skin is the look of the moment, so being shiny is no longer a faux pas, and people are majorly embracing skincare oils these days,” she says.

Then there’s the fact that they’re incredibly effective. According to Dr. Rapaport, “Skincare oils are some of the purest forms of hydration.” As consumers are looking to simplify their routines and choose more natural and less toxic products, oils check every single box. The skin also reacts better to a product that has less chemical junk in it.

The dermatologist even reveals that using oils is a more eco-friendly choice. “Oftentimes with oil skincare products, there is not the same need for fillers and preservatives so the ingredient deck is much simplified and people like that! Less waste, less chemicals on the skin is a win-win combination in my book.”

As consumers are looking to simplify their routines and choose more natural and less toxic products, oils check every single box.

Best Skincare Oils

Dr. Rapaport recommends SKN Transformation Oil, calling it her favorite because it contains argan, jojoba, macadamia nut seed, grapeseed, amaranth, avocado, and linseed oils. It delivers omegas 3,6,7, and 9, as well as proteins, vitamin C, and antioxidants without any added fillers. “It’s crazy luxurious to use, which is the whole fun about trying new things in skincare,” the dermatologist explains.

As for some other options, I’m a big fan of Goop Enriching Face Oil. Made from a blend of sunflower seed, olive fruit, jojoba, and linseed oils, it smells incredible and feels thick. It’s ideal for infusing moisture overnight.

For those who prefer a lighter formula that can be used during the day, Genetix Glow Brightening Serum is both a serum and a moisturizer. Made from a blend of both pure and organic ingredients including grapeseed and rosehip oils, it even works as a highlighter over makeup.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re afraid to try skincare oils, don’t be. While they may take a few nights to get used to, you can’t argue with science or the impending glow up!

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