SJWs Say Halloween Costumes Are “Cultural Appropriation,” But People From Those Cultures Disagree

By S.G. Cheah
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SJWs Say Halloween Costumes Are “Cultural Appropriation,” But People From Those Cultures Disagree

"How dare you!" That must be the beloved catchphrase of every tedious SJW as they nag you against having any fun.

Like pumpkin-spice-flavored everything to usher in the start of fall, it seems like for every season, there's also a corresponding SJW flavored “How dare you!” to go with it. For Christmas, it's "How dare you play 'Baby It's Cold Outside' (rape culture) or 'Dreaming of a White Christmas' (racist)." For Thanksgiving, it's "How dare you celebrate genocide!" In this article, we explore the Halloween-flavored, SJW outrage of "How dare you appropriate another culture's costume!" 

Kylie Jenner dressed up as an Eskimo in 2015.

The World before SJW Tyranny

I still remember life before the SJW era took over. I had my first Halloween in America as a new immigrant. I was in college during the presidency of Bush Jr., and I remember everyone in my dorm was just thrilled about celebrating Halloween. But most of us were so poor, trying to survive on an impoverished college student’s budget, that we had to get creative with our costumes. 

I loaned some of my ethnic outfits to my dorm mate in exchange for her loaning me her red trenchcoat.

So we came up with a plan. I loaned some of my ethnic outfits to my dorm mate in exchange for her loaning me her red trenchcoat so I could go as Carmen Sandiego for Halloween. Everyone had a blast, and we didn’t have to spend money on our costumes. No one was offended that my friend wore an ethnic costume (she looked really cute IMO), and no one was offended that we brought the cheapest, bottom-shelf beer to the party with the money we saved on costumes. Everyone was just thrilled to have a blast partying. 

Heidi Klum dressed up as the Hindu goddess Kali.

Everything Is Offensive in Today’s SJW Tyranny

Meanwhile, fast forward today to the current era of SJW tyranny, and suddenly, it's "offensive" to dress as someone else's culture for Halloween. You can’t help but think how much it must suck to be a young person today when you can't even have fun in college anymore. Imagine being in college yet having to second-guess yourself all the time, and having to look over your shoulder to make sure there isn’t an overbearing matron nagging “How dare you!” in your ear. 

It’s really peculiar how different Americans are today when they think that dressing up as people from other cultures is insulting or "cultural appropriation." The truth is, most people, including immigrants and residents of other countries, don't see it that way. Well, that is, besides those immigrants and foreigners who were also brainwashed by SJW culture.

My friends overseas are actually amused or excited to see Americans appreciating their culture. 

I can safely tell you how my friends from overseas are growing as equally tired at the sanctimonious locals who are adopting American SJW ideas. Those who were not brainwashed are actually amused or excited to see Americans appreciating their culture. So it’s baffling to them when an American girl was criticized for wearing a Chinese-inspired dress at her prom. Needless to say, they too think the self-righteous “how dare you!” SJW crowd is as annoying as we do here in America.

In 2013, Tia Mowry dressed up as a geisha.

Cultural Appropriation Double Standard 

And is it just me, or have you noticed how it seems like it's only offensive if you "appropriate" a costume from non-white ethnic groups, but it's totally fine if you're not white, but want to dress as a Swedish milkmaid or a Viking on Halloween? So… from my perspective, I guess my non-white culture is not worthy enough to be celebrated in costume, but it’s fine for me to "appropriate white culture" instead? Isn’t that technically “Western imperialism”?

halloween-kill-joys disney women

It feels dumb even writing that (because it is dumb), and I feel bad because you just wasted your brain cells reading it. But the amount of dumbness that’s coming from the halls of academia today is stunning. I miss the days when college kids were just regularly dumb, partying at Halloween, playing stupid drinking games like beer pong. Today they're SJW-dumb, and it's the kind of stupid that’s just no fun because "How dare you have fun!"

Closing Thoughts 

Every “woke” SJW type of tyrant will employ their own version of “how dare you!” as a way to control you. Fortunately, we live in a free country, so you’re free to ignore them, do what you want, and go have massive fun. This is America, and you have the right to the freedom of expression. Go ahead and wear whatever costumes you want. You have that right. And Happy Halloween! 

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