Senior HR At Pinterest Reportedly Busted For Trying To Lure 14-Year-Old Boy

The disabled man who was caught attempting to allegedly lure a minor turned out to be the Senior HR Staffer at Pinterest. The website has had issues with its algorithm in the past that made it easy for pedophiles to find sexually suggestive images of little girls.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Drew Soule, the Senior HR Staffer at Pinterest, allegedly tried to lure a minor to his home in Torrance, California.

"People v. Preds" has taken the credit for the arrest of the disabled man after he had been communicating with a decoy posing as a 14-year-old boy. Many have equated him to disgraced physicist Stephen Hawking, who visited Epstein's "sex slave" Caribbean island in 2006.

In a viral video originally uploaded by PvP, Soule is seen smiling as he is interrogated. The man behind the camera asks him, "How old was the person that you did invite over here tonight?" Soule responds, "Uh, he said he was 18."

The sting operation has been documented and uploaded on Rumble. In the 42-minute exposé, Soule is later surrounded by cops and gets arrested. PvP shows screenshots of the alleged sexual messages between Soule and the decoy at the end.

Screenshot/People v. Preds
Screenshot/People v. Preds
Screenshot/People v. Preds
Screenshot/People v. Preds

Social media users later found that Soule was a Sr. Hr Business Partner at Pinterest.

According to The Publica, "Soule is afflicted with SMA type 2, or spinal muscular atrophy, a progressive and sometimes fatal disease. He is confined to a powerchair, and often used his severe physical disability as a point of activism in his career."

What Is Going On with Pinterest?

These shocking findings come after TikTokers have been revealing for years that Pinterest has an alleged CSAM (child sexual abuse image) issue. CSA survivor and advocate on the platform (@riadaaraes) said that Pinterest had a "significant CSAM problem" and "the reporting system for it is terrible."

"I've come across a lot of clearly predatory accounts that create boards that have very disgusting names, and they are pinning content that has come from a child's account that they uploaded directly themselves to these boards," she says, urging parents to check their child's Pinterest accounts. In 2022, the TikToker uploaded a video discussing a Pinterest profile, claiming she found a photo on it that allegedly displayed an image of a young girl in a bathing suit and a man’s penis.

In 2023, TechCrunch reported on grown men utilizing the popular website "to create image boards of young girls, sexualizing innocuous photos of children doing things like gymnastics, dancing, sticking out their tongues, wearing bathing suits and more. In addition, Pinterest’s recommendation engine was making it easier to find similar content as it would suggest more images like those the predators initially sought out."

When U.S. senators reached out to Pinterest for answers, the company said they increased the number of human content moderators and added new features that would allow its users to report content or profiles for “Nudity, pornography or sexualized content,” including the ones with “intentional misuse involving minors.”

NBC News also discovered that Pinterest's recommendation algorithms made it easier for pedophiles to create images of underage girls. In their research, they found that typing in "hot kids" in the search function populated images of little girls in light attire. A user was able to look up “schoolgirl” or “cheerleader,” and Pinterest was likely to display images of young girls in sexually suggestive poses. While the outlet noted that they didn't find CSAM during their investigation, they found people creating boards containing pornographic material despite Pinterest's ban on such content.

Drew Soule's page on the Pinterest website has since been removed.

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