Selena Gomez Is Coming Out With A New Murder-Mystery Series

By Keelia Clarkson··  2 min read
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Fans of true crime and Selena Gomez, rejoice!

Here’s something for you to look forward to all summer long: Hulu has announced its newest series, Only Murders in the Building, a murder-mystery comedy boasting some of our favorite stars — Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short.

Only Murders in the Building certainly grabbed viewers attention with an intriguing trailer that felt far too short, especially with an ensemble as unexpected as Gomez, Martin, and Short. So what exactly can we expect from the series?

What Only Murders in the Building Is About

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman, Only Murders in the Building tells the tale of three neighbors living in New York City. But in true New York fashion, they’re complete strangers who ride the elevator together in silence without having learned each other’s names. It’s clear from the trailer that they don’t have much in common — but one thing they do have in common? An obsession with true crime.

One day, it comes to their attention that someone in their building was murdered. Never being ones to pass up an opportunity for a gripping story of murder, the three of them band together in an attempt to solve the murder. What ensues beyond that has been kept tightly under wraps, but if the trailer tells us anything, it’ll be worth the watch.

only murders in the building selena gomez

Who Else We’ll See

Along with its main cast, the series also stars Aaron Dominguez (Words on Bathroom Walls), Amy Ryan (The Office), and film and Broadway actor Nathan Lane (The Producers). 

only murders in the building selena gomez

When We’ll Get To See Only Murders in the Building

The Hulu series is set to premiere on August 31, so it’s safe to say we have more than enough time to get excited for Only Murders in the Building.

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