Sarcasm Has No Place In A Marriage

“I’m so glad I got married, it’s like slavery with all the perks.” Oh so sassy, sarcasm is the cornerstone of post-modern wit – but is it really that funny?

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner2 min read
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Most women use sarcasm as a front to hide their lack of confidence, and there’s nothing more beta than a sarcastic man. Sure, sarcasm can be funny every now and then, but couples who use this contemptuous form of humor to get through their daily grind don’t fare well because contempt has no place in a healthy relationship

Sarcasm Isn’t Clever, Just Easy

There’s a reason why teenage girls are sarcastic – it’s immature and easy. Everyone has likely encountered (or been) a teenager who rolls their eyes and puts on a b*itchy tone to try and elevate themselves by putting others down. The thing is, when we direct this ridicule toward our spouse, they begin to feel disrespected because, in truth, sarcasm is just that: disrespectful. 

Marriage is fun with a little taunt here and there, but habitual bitter humor is unromantic. Instead of having fun laughing and enjoying life together, sarcasm breeds cynicism that makes people on the receiving end look at the person delivering their irony and question their sincerity and good intentions – and that’s a terrible scenario for marriage. Contempt, ridicule, and bitter taunting remarks corrode a life that’s supposed to be built around love. 

Contempt, ridicule, and bitter taunting remarks corrode a life that’s supposed to be built around love. 

It’s easy to sit on a couch and make fun of everyone but yourself, yet in truth, there’s a reason that smarter people use self-deprecating humor.    

Sarcasm Gets Tired Fast Because It’s Immature

Could this movie get any more basic? Basic, basic, basic. Everything everyone does is soooooooo basic. I mean, I need to mock others with my totally unique take on how everyone is just so uninspiring in order to be cool, right? 

Uh, maybe it’s funny the first 50 times a person mocks society or a certain behavior, but sarcasm gets tired fast. Because it’s immature, by the time we hit our twenties we’re pretty used to those witty comments from the sarcastic people who just can’t help themselves. The thing is, so is your spouse. They don’t need to hear another jab of ridicule. It offers no solution, no gut-busting laughs, and really doesn’t liven things up anything anymore. 

Sure, shaking the sarcasm bottle every once in a while can be fun, but wives who constantly mock their husbands with sarcastic comments leave the men in their lives with barely a chuckle. By the time we get married, we should have enough maturity to work harder at making our spouse laugh.

Sarcasm Is Hurtful 

Sarcasm at the expense of your husband or your lifestyle is cruel and unwomanly. Making fun of him, his duties, or your life together doesn’t liven up the bedroom or deepen your connection.  

People who cling to sarcasm are often unable to see the positive aspects of life.

People might use sarcasm either to keep their guard up around their own emotions and vulnerability or as an unproductive expression of a real problem that’s not being correctly addressed. Either way, neither is funny nor healthy.

Often, people who cling to sarcasm are unable to see the positive aspects of life, and that makes it difficult to enjoy a happy relationship altogether. Whether the sarcasm is directed at a person, an activity, or a tv show, a sarcastic outlook will constantly highlight the negative or undercut what others see as a positive.

Sarcasm is fraught with failure and, honestly, sadness. Most happy couples would rather see the world for its possibilities and communicate in a way that enhances their marriage rather than settling for rotting together and making each other miserable in the process.

Closing Thoughts

Yeah, everything in moderation works to a degree, but sarcasm is better used on the rarest of occasions. Especially when regarding how we communicate with our spouses.

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